Re-post… soon

I posted this on my other blog but I wanted to post it here as well since I have been having some problems with it.

Most days we take the kids from school to the hospital cafeteria for lunch. Most of them haven’t been sent to school with food so we buy for them as well as ourselves. Most days there is about 6 kids and then myself and the other teacher. The kids know that they need to stay at the table and eat their food. It’s a small cafeteria so of course it gets loud fast and the kids are loud, of course. There have been a couple of times that they have run around the place but what do you expect for 3-5yrs old?

We try to go around 1 PM when we have fewer kids anyways. That’s today. We had 6 kids, 1 that got picked up shortly after we got there. The place was pretty empty and as usual, the kids were good. I was told later that we have been asked not to come back to the cafeteria. I was pissed, annoyed, and offended to say the least. How can they do that? How can a public place ask us not to come and eat????? I was upset but the other teacher, who has lived here for 15 years and donated a lot of time to varies groups, was physically upset but it. I don’t get it. What would you have done? I have never been asked not to come back to a place, I have stopped going to places because of the service/food/attitude/etc but it has never happened to me. I don’t know what to do with myself.

Apparently there have been complaints about us. That the kids are out of control, they are loud, and run around. Yes they are loud just as loud as some of the adults in the room, and yes they have run around a few times, but that’s kids for you. I am waiting for the letter saying that we are not to come back. I want to know what these people said, about which kids, days/times the whole nine yards. That is just crazy. I am pissed.