Dancing with the stars week 7

This will be a first for me, usually I post this on my other blog but I need to start posting here more often so here goes.

This week it’s two dances, their individual dance and then a team dance, this should be fun since they have never, in the history of DWTS, done this before. Team Cha-cha v Team Paso Doubla-

Warren (foxtrot)– I love that they are able to drop in on other dancers practicing so they can get a better look I love watching him dance. That was beautiful and graceful. I am so happy for Kim that she finally has someone that is willing to put in the time and effort into it. I give him a solid 8.

Susan (Paso Doble) -She’s to careful, she seems to walk thru her dances even the fast ones. There was no fire and anger in this one for me. It just seemed a little blah. I don’t know what they judges are seeing but I give her a 7.

Maurice (Cha-Cha)-His smile is back!!!!! i know this song and that is not what it was meant for. Yeah for him!!! Even with the bad foot he was good. I give him a solid 8.

Cody (waltz)-This should be interesting. Edyta having to pretend to be in love with someone, that’s so funny. But seriously how hard is to to pretend your in love with her? LOL. What is going on with the dress? That thing is eyesore. That was beautiful, even with that fugly dress of hers. I almost wanted to cry. I give him a solid 8 maybe a 9.

Lance (rumba)– Lacey is getting a little negative. She sounds like his girlfriend (if he had one ha ha). I love watching them dance though. They put little thigs in their dances to make it their own. I give them a 9. (I have to vote for them a little more then Warren.)

Brooke (foxtrot) -Like she needed a push, lol. Beautiful song, beautiful dance. Very 30-ish with the dress, the hair, and the music.

Team Cha-Cha

You can see that Toni slows down for her. She misses a lot of things on her part but he always covered for her. It was really obvious during the dance. She is the weakest link in this team.I have to agree Lance/Lacey was the saving grace for the group. I do think that Cody was pretty good it’s just Susan, she threw the group off.

Team Paso Doble

Wow that is just powerful. That was so much better then the cha-cha. everyone was good, Maurice had a small mis-step but he recovered so nicely. That was a great group dance, everyone had a powerful part and then came back together. I agree with them all that this was much tighter then the Cha-Cha.


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