Dancing with the Stars

I was all ready to start watching this around 8 tonight but then the football game got good, lol so I didn’t even get started until about 9:30pm.

Brooke (salsa)-(I am so sick of seeing Brooke (just kidding). I really want to see her mess up somehow.) This was not a good dance for her, she was trying to hard and she looked tired. I wonder if the babies were keeping her up last night,lol. I guess I shouldn’t have asked for that.

Cody (paso dobla)- I love her voice when she gets exicete. Interesting choice in music and outfits. That was a good. I liked it.

Warren ( mambo)- I love him and want him to win so bad!!!! I love watching him dance it’s just fun and flirty and cute. I have to vote for my man.

Lance (mambo)- I love him to but it’s more about Warren. Nice hold there Lacey, all I can say is WOW you have some control there. That was beautiful. Sorry Warren but that was so much better than yours.

Second Dances

Brooke (salsa)- I think there should be a rule that says you have to wear red and a dress to do the salsa, it just looks so much better. Not that the gold thing wasn’t bad but wow, could you pull my shoulder out a little more. Did you notice that she did the same air spilt as the por’s, lol?

Cody (salsa) another golf out fit? lol. She’s holding her side on those turn jumps I wonder if it hurts a little. There was a small mis-step but it was good.

Wow look her nose, she looks very Rockabilly but he just looks goofy, lol. I wonder if it’s because his teeth look so white.

Warren (jitter bug)- Ha ha ha ha ha, that was cute. Poor baby looks a little tired after all that.

Lance (jitterbug)- I hope his is really good, for his grandfather’s sake. That had to be a little un-nerving, losing a shoe at the beginning of the dance. He did really well, all things considered.

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