Did you hear what happened?

I think that if you’ve been anywhere on the blog this past weekend you have heard about the big No-no that Motrin had. If not check out this post first, then mine, then this one, and this article. I even got in on the action.

Now as far as I know

  • the ad has been pulled from the website
  • several bloggers got the ad agency on the phone (kudos’s to you guys)
  • there were over 1,000 post/comments about this

Now I always knew that the power mommies have is massive, just look at how quickly we can get a shild to stop doing something with “a look”, but that coupled with the power of the Internet?!?!? That makes us so powerful and informed. We have so much control that car ad will be changing in the future. No longer will ther be some beautiful, leggy woman sprawled across the hood of a car showing the whole world her boobs, Ads making woman look, and feel, dumb will become a think of the past. Our day is coming ladies, our day is coming.


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