Happy Holidays

Before the holday craze gets here I just wanted to say Happy holidays to everyone (even though I know there are maybe 2 people reading this and one of them is me, lol). This is the time of year that I can’t stand. Doesn’t make sense does it? It’s the time of year when we should all feel closer to people, want to give to others, and just be joyful. But not for me.

It’s cold, and the weather bites. It’s not so much that it’s cold but it’s the wind that comes up out of nowhere and gets under your clothes and you can feel that cold down to your bones. But I think the reason I can’t stand it that much is because this house is so drafty. I’ve put a candle in the kitcen, walked the 5 steps to the couch and watched it flicker on a slightly breezy day. It’s no wonder that our gas bill goes up so much in the winter. I would love to move to a different house that’s not drafty and doesn’t have holes all over the place and yard that is secure. Espically since on my walk home from school today my neighbor down the street told me tha my dog was out and playing wiht his. that is not what I wanted to hear.But that is something I have to work on with her.

Today at school was a good day. We only did a half since i wasn’t really in the mood and wanted to get some laundry done before the rains come in tomorrow but that was not the case. I fell asleep. But I did make it to the store to buy our turkey and a few other things for Thursday.

I really should be going to bed so I can get things done tomorrow and Wednesday for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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