I shouldn’t judge but….

sometimes it’s hard. I try not to think about how other parents are parenting their kids and what I should be doing differently with my own child. But let me back up a bit so you can understand my thinking here here.

Savie got a bike, with training wheels, for her birthday. This is not her first bike. Last summer I got a tricycle for her, the kind that has a handle on the back so I can push her. It was great. For about 2 months before she got to tall for it. She had a growth spurt and that was that, there was no more riding that for her. BUt I knew it was time for her to have a bigger bike, even though we live on a hill and it would be hard for her to ride, she needed it. Every kid needs to have a bike or tricycle or scooter, something to for them to ride. It makes taking a walk a little easier, it’s fun for them and it’s just a part of being a kid.

Well today one of the kids brought her scooter to school so I came home and got Savie’s bike. The other two kids wanted turns, which is fine, but one C had no clue had to ride a bike or use the scooter. Is it wrong that I didn’t understand that? How can you not know how to ride a bike at 4? I thought for sure that at this age they would have ridden on something. Savie has never been on a scooter before today but figured it out from watching the other kids do it. C on the other hand, thought that two little pushes would get him by. Then got mad when another kid tried to show him how to do it.

C is not one of the kids I am really happy about anyways. His parents baby him to much, in my opinion. He’s a couple of months older then Savie but still can’t put his socks on by himself, has just recently been able to get dressed by himself, and has a “moment” whenever he doesn’t get his way. This is a kid that sad a cried for 20 minutes wanting me to put his socks on so he could go outside with the other kids.

I just couldn’t believe that some kids don’t know how to ride a bike/scooter/whatever. Am I wrong? I remember learning to ride on a bike with training wheels when I was like 4 or 5, having no training wheels by the time I was in first grade so this just seems so foreign to me that they don’t know how to ride at this age. Maybe it;s just me.


3 thoughts on “I shouldn’t judge but….

  1. im worried things may be changing? kids cant ride a bike, but they can produce a PHP script to do some whizbang computer thing

    …maybe they will not even learn to walk? – i fear for the future

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