The things we do for our kids

Last night was by far one of the easier nights of keeping my kid happy. There are things we do to keep them happy. Drive 2 hours to see family, stay up late putting some new toy together, cutting the crust of their sandwich. Well last night was all about Savie (with a little bit of me thrown in).

Last night we went to Old Bisbee to see Santa and go to a couple of art galleries. It was a lot colder then I thought it would be but once we got uptown it   little warmer. Our house is always colder then most since we are right on the side of the mountain but that’s another post.

Anyways we went uptown and drove around for a minute to find a place to park. Sometimes I love going uptown and seeing the tourist walking around all dressed up. This is not a dressing up town. Most of the restaurants are fine with the T-shirt and jeans, even the nicer ones. They don’t look at you funny or anything like that. But anyways back to last night.

After finding a place pretty close to where we were going to be we got our jackets and hats on, grabbed a flashlight from the glove compartment, and started walking up the street. When we drove up the street we saw a horse and carriage waiting for people so Savie wanted to go say hi to the horse. Just as we walked up my phone rang and I got into a short conversation with K about nothing. Savie decided that she wanted to take a horse ride. It was pretty nice but I felt kinda bad for the “ranch hand” since he had to jog along side the horse, I don’t remember ther name, because we have a couple of storm drains on the street and they won’t cross them.

After the horse ride we stopped in at 3 different art galleries and saw some of the beautiful artwork that has been done. Even though we go uptown at least once a week the galleries are usually closed the days we go up there. After that we headed to the coffee company to get hot chocolate and music then over to one more gallery to see some more artwork and….Santa!! I was hoping that she would be willing to talk to him since she’s been talking about it for while. But it was not to be. We got there and the tears they were aflowing. She did the same thing last year but I was hoping that since it’s been a year and she’s older that maybe this year would be different.Oh well there’s always next year.

All in all we had a good night even if she did have a meltdown at he end but then again it was bout 7:30 at night and she didn’t take a nap even though I thought she needed one. Oh well no big deal.

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