I love my husband

I love my husband. I know that’s what every wife says, at the wedding, before the wedding, etc but I really do.

In this economy there are a lot of people trying to hold on to jobs and even more looking for work because the company they worked for for so many years has laid them off. And construction is a fickle business. There is an up and down every couple of weeks in this business. I have seen it first hand. I love that when there is work there is a lot of it and we don’t really have to worry about the money but then when things are bad they are really bad. But, not nearly as bad when we lived in California. That’s when things were at their worst. I loved living there for the most part but then when I was pregnant had we had to figure out a way to live it was to much, but let me get back to the topic of this post.

Hubby has always been really good about sharing jobs. He’s been in this business long enough to know that if you pass business on to colleagues they will do the same for you. He will do any kind of construction, from the ground up except for painting, and if he can’t do whatever the job is he will pass it along to someone he knows can do it. The same goes for work that needs to be done sooner than when he can get to it. There have been a couple of jobs here in the past couple of weeks, that he’s had to pass on because he’s a couple of weeks out and the client needs the work done next week. The only time I was upset and disappointed with him was when he told me that he passed on a job that would have net him a 6 figure paycheck for 6 months of work. I think it was something like $135,000 for the 6 months. But the catch was that he would have to go to Iraq or something and work there. Thankfully he turned it down because I could not handle the stress of him being away for that long. I have so much respect for military wives. They are going thru so much emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Everything is working overtime and that is such a drain on the body, to be like that for so long.

Again I went off on a tangent about something else, lol. I just can’t seem to think today, I guess I really needed my coffee this morning, lol. Oh well off to read my book since the kids are down and watching their movie.

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