Do a little dance

As the song goes “do a little dance, get down tonight, uh, get down tonight”. (I have to find the link for that song). I got a new student today. My first new student in months, well weeks really but you know what I mean. It’s April and the school year is almost over and I haven’t had a new student since K started in the middle of Feb. I was starting to worry about having students for the day but I think this is the pick me up that I needed. Now I just have to work on the dance classes. I have one student in the afternoon that is taking the class; the others are my younger students that are just here all day. I think what I’m going to have to do is when the new school year starts tell parents up front that if their child is here for the afternoon that they will be charged the rates for the dance classes. Some of them will pull theirs kids out but that’s fine that means that the kids that are still here will paying for that time.

As it is now I was told by one parent, I was a little harsh when it came to the letter about the food. There are foods that are just not good for kids, like sugary foods, so the letter said that those foods will be sent home or thrown away (depending on my mood I guess) but I feel that if they are going to ignore the letter that I send home saying that these foods are not acceptable then they are the ones wasting their money. Yes it is a bit of a scare tactic but it has to be done. It’s not just as a teacher that I say this but also as a parent. I know how my kid gets when she eats sugary foods and I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to spend the day with that so why would I send her to school with that?

So with my new student today I had 5 kids this morning and, as usual, that’s about what I have on a Thursday. Tomorrow I might have one more but that’s the norm. The end of the week is always a little busier then the beginning. I am going to have to put an ad in the paper or something to get another person in here. It’s not that 5 kids is a lot to handle but when we are outside and I have one little one, that 5 becomes a little much.

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