But I don’t want to

What is wrong with kids these days? They think that everything should be brought to them and that they don’t have to do a thing? Why is that? My kids, the ones at my school, are learning t be independent. Not just because at 4 and 5 yrs old they should be able to do a lot of things on their own but also because they are lazy sometimes. I’ve noticed that at snack time they are waiting for me to put the soap on their hands and turn on the water. Now some of them can’t reach the handles so yes they need help, but the others, they don’t need it. They are perfectly capable of doing it all by themselves. Then they sit down at the table and wait for me to bring them their snack bags. As my Dad used to say to us “are your legs broken? You can get up and get it yourself.”  There is no reason that they can’t get their bag, put on their shoes and jackets or wash their hands by themselves. Some of these parents in the world are enabling their children to be lazy. With Earth Day tomorrow it’s gotten me thinking about what they need, not just can, do to make this planet a better one.

We do a lot of things where they are learning about the world around them. We have the garden out front that everyone is responsible for, leftover food is given to the chickens and goats around the corner, and we clean up as a group. These are basic things that I think every kid should know about. It’s not just about being “green” but being aware, being conscious of the world around us. They have to learn that what they do has a consequence to it. That if they leave food out flies will get it. If they don’t water the plants they will die. If they leave a mess someone can get hurt.

What got me thinking about this is that one of my kids today always seems to be waiting for me to do it for her. When it was snack time she was waiting for me to wash her hands for her. When it was time to fill the water bottles for the garden she said she was going to fill up 1 while everyone else did 3, then didn’t want to water anything. It made me aware of the fact that she was waiting for things to be done for her, not taking the incentive to do it herself. She’s a smart girl and should have been able to do this easy but the desire was not there to it. Oh well. To each their own, she will either get on board with what’s going on or the other kids will help her along.


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