It was bound to happen

Last week I got bad news  about Savie. No it’s nothing major or a big change in lifestyles, something simple. She is borderline lactose intolerant like I am. So for the past week she has had no milk/cheese/ice cream nothing dairy. It has been a hard week. I’m so used to giving her milk in the morning with her breakfast, cheese on her sandwiches, butter on her toast, and something in her lunch but there has been none of that for a full week. I think it was harder on me then on her. She was OK with everything when I explained that milk is making her tummy upset and that’s why she’s been going to the bathroom so much.  There was one day there where she wanted  macaroni and cheese and I told her she couldn’t have it. “Because it’ll make my tummy upset?” with big doe eyes.

But we are on the road to recovery. As I was telling another mom this just means that when I buy milk I can buy the soy milk for Savie and myself and regular milk for him. It also means that now I can tell them at the WIC office that she has to have soy milk so that has to change on our checks. I can definitely tell him now that he can’t give her that much milk in a single day. There were a couple of days where he gave her 2-3 glasses of milk with her cereal, she had cheese on her sandwich, and he like loads on the butter on her toast. I mean not just enough to melt but enough that when he goes to put the jelly on you can still see the butter on the toast, it’s crazy.

So now we are slowly restarting on milk. She had goldfish crackers Tuesday  at school, mac and cheese on Wednesday for dinner, and nothing today. I want to let those things go thru her system first and see where we stand. Now I need to make an appt at the Dr.’s office for her  so we can get a note from the him saying that she  has to have soy milk for her WIC checks.

One thought on “It was bound to happen

  1. Aw, good going on getting her healthy… that must suck. I remember we thought Jessie was lactose intolerant, but it turns out she has too much acid in her stomach.

    Hope she continues to thrive on her new diet.

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