DWTS week 9

This is going to be the week that Ty goes. I love him and the way that he dances, when he loosens up, but I think that this is the end for him.


Shawn (with the Quickstep)- That was cute! I love the song, one of my favorite movies, but that was upbeat, cute and quirky all the things he wanted.

Ty (with the A Tango)- wow the intensity that he has when he does this dance. I loved it, all that was missing was a smouldering cigarette in her mouth.

Lil Kim (with the waltz)- Beautiful song choice, beautiful dance. That was sweet and soft and romantic dance. I liked it.

Gilles (with the Foxtrot)- Great song, one of my favorites but the dance didn’t do it for me. There was a lot of posing and other stuff. And of course Cheryl with the hair whipping around.

Mellisa (with the V waltz)- She looks so beautiful even when she just stands there. I love her hair when it’s curled and long like that.

OK  with the pros teaching the stars and trying to teach stars i know that Ashton is going to be good but I’m curious to see how the others handle it.


(no one needed the image of whatever it was that Len said lol)

Shawn (with the Paso Doble)- I don’t know maybe I was hoping for something a little more dramatic but that just seemed a little blah. It didn’t give me chills like I was hoping.

Ty (wiht the Rumba)- Oh that was cute, he did his solo will his wife. that was just adorable. But the hips were painful to watch but I think this is the end of the road for him. Sorry Ty but it’s time to get off the dance floor and get back on the bull. And of course the lift police was there.

Lil Kim (with the Salsa)- this is her dance!!!!!! Bring back the booty!!!! I loved the trick!!!! That freaked me out for a minute but that came out sooooo good. There were a couple of mis-steps there but that was so her and that was just so much fun.

Gilles (wiht the rumba)- Cheryl!!!!! She cracks me up, “that comes naturally”. Wow does his wife know how lucky she is??? Cause I’m pretty sure there are a couple thousand women in the world that will take him. Get the hose and cool off the room!!

Mellisa (with the Samba)- that was cute i have to give her credit for that. At least she didn’t fall off the counter like the other girl did. She didn’t shake as much as I thought she could have, she probably shook more when she was a cheerleader, lol.


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