That’s a good question

My friend J asked me a really good question today. “If you could afford it, would you move back to California?” Kinda took me by surprise but it was a good one. I had to say no as son as she asked because  of the following reasons.

  1. It’s overcrowded. If I moved back there wouldn’t be much open space like there is here. It just wouldn’t be the same.
  2. If I  moved back home then I would stop being the person that I am and return to being “the daughter of….” or “the sister of…..”
  3. The weather isn’t as great as I remember it. I think I’ve been ruined by the fact that during the summer I can actually wear shorts and a tank top without needing a jacket. True there are no beaches here and there are plenty in CA but I barely get in the water.
  4. I’m a nobody here. Which doesn’t really sound good but re-read #2.

I like living in Arizona for the most part but even if we could afford to live in California I still don’t want to go back. I just like to visit it every now and then. What about you? If you could  would you back to your hometown?


I have to find a way to get this on a seperate page but here goes anyways.

Joanna- Dancing the Jive, this is going to be good. She should be able to keep the pace. To much hair for me, it’s distracting from the outfit, and there was a little to much sex in the dance. I have to agree with Kari she looked a little out of control.

Natalie- Dancing the Quickstep. If she can get the breathing I think she can do this. What’s with the Princess Leah hair? She did it, there was a kick that she kinda missed she didn;t quite get the point but she did it. She needed to loosen up a little more and she wasn’t breathing. Man her mouth is big when she smiles.

Chuck- Dancing the Tango. This is his dance if she can manage to get his moves in there he should have a decent score this week. Ok she managed a few in there. I didn’t realize just how funny his feet looked when he walked. But he had the intensity and the power to pull this dance off. Ijust might have to vote for him.

Mellisa- Dancing the Jive. If she can stop laughing she has a great partner for this dance. Mark is fun and enthustic and should be able to rub off on her a little. Ah that’s so cute. You could she that she was really trying to have the engery for this dance but it just wasn’t there for me. I liked it but she still needs to work.

Micheal- Dancing the Quickstep. This is not going to be good. I don’t know what to make of it, it was…….pink. I wasn’t impressed like I’ve been in the past with other football players. It didn’t seem quick to me and they didn’t seem to move around the floor that much. Oh well

Debi- Dancing the Tango. This is going to be good. She has the chops to pull this off. I hope I love it. Like a well trained puppy Max came when called. That was…..intense. She missed a few kicks but the attuide was there.

Louie-Dancing the Jive. This is should good. They have the energy to do this and it better be good. That was cute but he needs to do something with his arms when they are not in hold. Could have been a little more engery but it was still ok.

Aaron- Dancing the Quickstep. OMG who picked the music? And why does he look like a giant leapurcan? That was just cheesy, made it a little hard for me to focus on the dance.

Kelly- Dancing the Tango. She has to get out of her own head and just dance and she’ll be fine. There was something at the end that she just couldn;t make herself do but that was just amazing. The mnistakes that she made, missing steps and running after Louie, but she solider thru the dance. SHe just has to focus.

Kathy- Dancing the Quickstep. Ok if they can do the slide down I’ll be laughin. The arms around each other was funny but not as funny as that slide thing. And what was with that dress? Is there a reason why Tony doesn’t want to get close to her? Hmmm makes me wonder.

Mark- Dancing the Quickstep. Wow he makes goofy faces whenhe dances. I thoguht it was just the one dance but that was goofy. I like his dance, it was fun and the energy was there. I thought the fall was part of the dance but I guess it wasn’t.

Mya- Dancing the Jive. Whats with the toungue tonight? Everydosy is sticking their toungues out! Ok there was speed and content there. I liked it.

Tom- Dancing the Tango. The poor man is going to give himself whiplash making these tuns. Cheryl quit throwing that man around the dance floor!It was doing so well until that final spin. Oh well cheryl will know better for next time. And why does this man keep sday “Uncle Lenny”?

Donny- Dancing the Jive. OK the “come here little girl” look made me laugh but he pulled it off. I liked it a lot. It was fun, fast and good. His chin is just so big sometimes.

Sunday Scribblings

Long time no blog, lol. This weeks prompt is CHEESE.

Everyone says cheese when they take a picture. WIth the kids it seems easier to get the funny/cute picture if I can get them to say something funny so now it’s “applesauce” or “Halloween” or ” cherries”. When they do I get pictures like this.

Not bad huh?

County Fair

Today was the last day of the Cochise County Fair. We went as a family this year, a first for us. He doesn’t usually go with us so I was shocked when he said that he wanted to go. But back on topic, the county fair. It was fun. This year we went with another family of four and I invited one more to go along with us so we ended up being to families of four and single mom. It was fun. I of course, was running late to leave the house this morning so we got there later than planed. Once we got there and started I almost immediately lost hubby. Now I can laugh about it but it wasn’t that funny when it happened because I had two girls and we were wandering around the livestock, looking at the pigs and cows before moving onto the pygmy goats and lambs.

After eating, which was a little hard for me being on Atkins and all,  we moved onto the displays of clothing and art. There were some beautiful pictures on display while I didn’t see a single thing that was crocheted or knitted. There were plenty of things from the kids, local schools and what not, but nothing I saw that was hard to make but that’s just me. Next year I really will enter something in the fair. I wanted to give the kids plenty of time to let their food settle in their stomachs before going on rides, even though they weren’t that wild of rides but you know what I mean. I didnt want to take the chance that someone would get sick. We never made it to rides with the other family. They faded out before we left the stingrays. But my girls hung tough and did their rides and even won a prize each. They had so much fun. We know for next year to go on Saturday, late in the afternoon so it’s a bit cooler and also let them see the lights. I think last year when Savie and I went we left just as it was starting to get dark and we was sad that she didn’t get to see the lights.

I am totally wiped out and have to really focus to write this. I wish that she had crashed sooner but oh well, take what you can get right? I’m hoping that this week will be better for her in school since things haven;t been so great. She has really been acting out and I don’t know what to do. (If anyone has suggestions I’m all ears) But it’s late and I need to get to bed. Have a great week everyone.

DWTS night two

Sorry but this opening number was not as good as last nights. Forgive me if I don’t make a lot of sense since it’s 10 o’clock at night for me. Macy looks so high or something. It’s to funny.

Debi Mazer– I love her!!!!!! She is one of my favorite actress! She can pull this off (I hope).

Salsa- Oh man, the dress was not working for her, the music was blah and that just wasn’t her dance. I love her but she has A LOT of work to do. She needs to stay on her toes for this dance (just like the guys).

Melissa Joan Hart– I love her although she looks a little “Marilyn” in the pink dress and blond hair.

Viennese waltz- she needs to work on the face a little, she looked like she was running after one of her kids before the sweeps, but all in all it was beautiful. You could see that she was nervous and but has the chance to do it. I think she’ll last at least 5 weeks.

Mya– one of my favorite R & B singers.

Viennese Waltz- Ok her’s was sooooooo much better than Melissa’s. If I didn’t know better I would say that they set her up. It was beautiful, the song was great, the dress was great. She’s going to make it to the semi-finals unless there’s another “Sabrina” incident. (points to Tom for defusing the moment)

Kathy Ireland- what can i say other than am I the only one that thinks she looks a little buff?

Salsa- She’s so flat footed she stomped across the floor, what little bit they actually crossed. I can’t believe she’s so, so geeky, angley (if that’s a word). There was just nothing there for me. (Nice dig there Tom) SHe has to loosen up a lot to get past week 4.

Natalie Coughlin– Olympic winner swimmer

Salsa- ok had a little stutter there with the music it was throwing me off. It seemed like there was a lot of going from one pose to the next but there were good moments. Her smile is a little creepy at times but she’s got the legs and the ability to do the dances so it’s just a matter of getting comfortable in the dance and in front of the crowds. I giver her 5 weeks, maybe 6 .

Macy Gray– oh poor Johnathan. She always looks like she’s high or “special”

Viennese Waltz- Oh poor Johnathan, her arms are bigger than his head. That was just painful to watch. Gotta love Tom with “charming”  but that was just bad. I think she may be the one to leave tomorrow night. I can’t see how she can last for long. OMG did she really say that?

Joanna Krupa– who is this woman? SHe’s pretty but so is he so there might be a fight for space in the mirror.

Salsa- OK if that was sexy enough for Len then he needs help! Grab the hose!

Kelly Osbourne- there’s no words for her. And why did Ozzy answer the door? Poor thing has such a high pitch voice and sounds nasally but maybe once she dances I’ll forget about that part.

Viennese Waltz- Wow I’m surprised. That was’t horrible, that was actually a good dance for her, there were a few places where she messed up but that was beautiful for KELLY OSBOURNE!!!!!!!!!!!Sharon’s over there crying. The best of the night?!?!?!?!


Foxtrot relay- Yeah Debi! I love how she ended the number. Kathy was good, Joanna was cute and sexy, Natalie was good. I think it’ll go Joanna, Natalie, Debi, Kathy.(wow control your excitement  there Joanna)

Cha-Cha- Macy Gray you are the weak link!!!! Kelly, wow that was cute. She was just on it and looked so cute doing all those little twists, Mya was cute but was a little showboating, Mellisa was having a lot more fun than her first dance. My pick is……Kelly, Mya, Mellisa………Macy (like you had to ask). It almost looks Johnathan is holding Macy up.

Sunday mornings

Well this Sunday morning has not been like others. The last couple of weeks since I have started Atkins, Sundays morning has been my morning to walk down to the studio and water the plants with Halley of course and then come home and make breakfast since he’s usually on his way out the door to go play golf. Well Halley had to have surgery (again) and I thought she might still be a little sore today. So instead of sleeping in for an hour and getting some more rest I was awaken by the sounds of Halley whining and whimpering in the living room. I thought that maybe she in pain and needed some attention but she was on the couch curled up and having a bad dream. Poor baby.

But it’s football season and I am off to watch some games and do some shopping.