County Fair

Today was the last day of the Cochise County Fair. We went as a family this year, a first for us. He doesn’t usually go with us so I was shocked when he said that he wanted to go. But back on topic, the county fair. It was fun. This year we went with another family of four and I invited one more to go along with us so we ended up being to families of four and single mom. It was fun. I of course, was running late to leave the house this morning so we got there later than planed. Once we got there and started I almost immediately lost hubby. Now I can laugh about it but it wasn’t that funny when it happened because I had two girls and we were wandering around the livestock, looking at the pigs and cows before moving onto the pygmy goats and lambs.

After eating, which was a little hard for me being on Atkins and all,  we moved onto the displays of clothing and art. There were some beautiful pictures on display while I didn’t see a single thing that was crocheted or knitted. There were plenty of things from the kids, local schools and what not, but nothing I saw that was hard to make but that’s just me. Next year I really will enter something in the fair. I wanted to give the kids plenty of time to let their food settle in their stomachs before going on rides, even though they weren’t that wild of rides but you know what I mean. I didnt want to take the chance that someone would get sick. We never made it to rides with the other family. They faded out before we left the stingrays. But my girls hung tough and did their rides and even won a prize each. They had so much fun. We know for next year to go on Saturday, late in the afternoon so it’s a bit cooler and also let them see the lights. I think last year when Savie and I went we left just as it was starting to get dark and we was sad that she didn’t get to see the lights.

I am totally wiped out and have to really focus to write this. I wish that she had crashed sooner but oh well, take what you can get right? I’m hoping that this week will be better for her in school since things haven;t been so great. She has really been acting out and I don’t know what to do. (If anyone has suggestions I’m all ears) But it’s late and I need to get to bed. Have a great week everyone.


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