I have to find a way to get this on a seperate page but here goes anyways.

Joanna- Dancing the Jive, this is going to be good. She should be able to keep the pace. To much hair for me, it’s distracting from the outfit, and there was a little to much sex in the dance. I have to agree with Kari she looked a little out of control.

Natalie- Dancing the Quickstep. If she can get the breathing I think she can do this. What’s with the Princess Leah hair? She did it, there was a kick that she kinda missed she didn;t quite get the point but she did it. She needed to loosen up a little more and she wasn’t breathing. Man her mouth is big when she smiles.

Chuck- Dancing the Tango. This is his dance if she can manage to get his moves in there he should have a decent score this week. Ok she managed a few in there. I didn’t realize just how funny his feet looked when he walked. But he had the intensity and the power to pull this dance off. Ijust might have to vote for him.

Mellisa- Dancing the Jive. If she can stop laughing she has a great partner for this dance. Mark is fun and enthustic and should be able to rub off on her a little. Ah that’s so cute. You could she that she was really trying to have the engery for this dance but it just wasn’t there for me. I liked it but she still needs to work.

Micheal- Dancing the Quickstep. This is not going to be good. I don’t know what to make of it, it was…….pink. I wasn’t impressed like I’ve been in the past with other football players. It didn’t seem quick to me and they didn’t seem to move around the floor that much. Oh well

Debi- Dancing the Tango. This is going to be good. She has the chops to pull this off. I hope I love it. Like a well trained puppy Max came when called. That was…..intense. She missed a few kicks but the attuide was there.

Louie-Dancing the Jive. This is should good. They have the energy to do this and it better be good. That was cute but he needs to do something with his arms when they are not in hold. Could have been a little more engery but it was still ok.

Aaron- Dancing the Quickstep. OMG who picked the music? And why does he look like a giant leapurcan? That was just cheesy, made it a little hard for me to focus on the dance.

Kelly- Dancing the Tango. She has to get out of her own head and just dance and she’ll be fine. There was something at the end that she just couldn;t make herself do but that was just amazing. The mnistakes that she made, missing steps and running after Louie, but she solider thru the dance. SHe just has to focus.

Kathy- Dancing the Quickstep. Ok if they can do the slide down I’ll be laughin. The arms around each other was funny but not as funny as that slide thing. And what was with that dress? Is there a reason why Tony doesn’t want to get close to her? Hmmm makes me wonder.

Mark- Dancing the Quickstep. Wow he makes goofy faces whenhe dances. I thoguht it was just the one dance but that was goofy. I like his dance, it was fun and the energy was there. I thought the fall was part of the dance but I guess it wasn’t.

Mya- Dancing the Jive. Whats with the toungue tonight? Everydosy is sticking their toungues out! Ok there was speed and content there. I liked it.

Tom- Dancing the Tango. The poor man is going to give himself whiplash making these tuns. Cheryl quit throwing that man around the dance floor!It was doing so well until that final spin. Oh well cheryl will know better for next time. And why does this man keep sday “Uncle Lenny”?

Donny- Dancing the Jive. OK the “come here little girl” look made me laugh but he pulled it off. I liked it a lot. It was fun, fast and good. His chin is just so big sometimes.


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