That’s a good question

My friend J asked me a really good question today. “If you could afford it, would you move back to California?” Kinda took me by surprise but it was a good one. I had to say no as son as she asked because  of the following reasons.

  1. It’s overcrowded. If I moved back there wouldn’t be much open space like there is here. It just wouldn’t be the same.
  2. If I  moved back home then I would stop being the person that I am and return to being “the daughter of….” or “the sister of…..”
  3. The weather isn’t as great as I remember it. I think I’ve been ruined by the fact that during the summer I can actually wear shorts and a tank top without needing a jacket. True there are no beaches here and there are plenty in CA but I barely get in the water.
  4. I’m a nobody here. Which doesn’t really sound good but re-read #2.

I like living in Arizona for the most part but even if we could afford to live in California I still don’t want to go back. I just like to visit it every now and then. What about you? If you could  would you back to your hometown?


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