“she can eat it cold”

I have sent home letters with my kids stating the food situation. I am not feeding them. The parents needs to, no MUST, pack a lunch for them. The woman before me was feeding half the kids and was barely surviving. This is not going to happen to me. I want the parents to take responsiblity for their kids, you know? It’s only fair. Well today one of my usual kids came at lunchtime, telling me that she was going to be there for 5 hrs. Fine, great, wonderful but the thing is…..there was no snack. Dont you feed your kid some time after lunch? WOuldn’t you think to pack some food just in case they get hungry? You what this mom did? SHe brought in a can of beans and said………”she can eat it cold right?


Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day and the topic is Climate Change. For me this is a think big act globe issue. Living  the desert I see the change everyday. Our monsoon was not what it should have been this year, and last for that matter. I have 4 angel trumpets, which are beautiful when they bloom, and they are in two places at my house. My friend gave them to me, which we rescued from her mother’s place. Last summer they bloomed every couple of days even though they were infested with spider mites. This year, I didn’t get a single one. Until now. The end of summer. It’s not that I didn’t water them or get rid of the spider mites. and grasshoppers. and severe heat. They are just now trying to bloom. This is really late for them to be starting. I am really worried abut them. Does the fact that they are just now blooming mean that they are going to be in for a hard winter? Are we actually going to get snow? What does this have to do with Climate Change you ask? A lot. FOr me anyways.

Savie wanted to walk to school and today was a perfect day. It was warm, sunny and even though I had a lot of stuff, we managed it. The last couple of days we have spent a lot of time outside. This is what I want. I like that we can enjoy the weather and our time but this is something that I also worry about. I dont want to have this on my daughters’ head or my great-great-great-great-grand daughters hit but it looks like it will be. We need to do something. anything. Even if it’s something as small and simple as carpooling, walking to work even for two days a week, can make a difference. All we have to do is do it.

Sunday Scribbling

This weeks prompt is “Bump in the night” how appropriate right?

Here’s a short little poem

The lights are out

You look

Nothing there

What could it be?

A cat?

A dog?

Or something else?

You try to talk yourself out of it

“there’s nothing to be worried about”

You say even though you know

That it’s that time of year

And anything can happen

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Flu update

So remember when I said that the flu has hit? Well here’s some more proof of what’s going on around here. I’m trying to be postive but I’ve had so few kids this week that it’s just hard to be that way. Oh well, this to shall pass right?

The flu is here

So the flu has hit. And it’s hit hard. This weekend I know of 2 kids, other then my own, that got sick. This week I have had 3 kids in 2 days. Not good. Mon I was closed for the morning so I could stay home with Savie and then went in in the afternoon even though I wasn’t sure who I would have and ended up with only 3 until 5:30p. Today I had no one until after 1pm. And that one I had to send home because she was starting to get sick and I am not going to get sick. One more showed up but only stayed for an hour. It was not a great day for me. I am feeling the pain of the flu.

It never fails

Some days you just know that something is going to go wrong. It never fails, it’s just a matter of time right? Well here’s my “it never fails” moment. Hubby goes out-of-town so very rarely that when he does I am a little freaked out by it. Yeah surprise there, right? It could be something small as finding a scorpion in the shower to something major as javelina’s in the driveway. Well this time it was Savie, she woke up sick. Unfortunately it’s probably swine flu but that can’t be helped at the moment. Savie was in so much pain today that it was hard to get things done. Now I’m not about to drag her all over the place, running errands because I need to but there were a few stops that I needed to make 2 stops. Both of them were for her.

It’s so hard to take her somewhere when she feels like this because everything is dramatic. And she cries. A lot. Which mens that people look at me like I’m the worst person in the world for not  trying to comfort my child. If they only knew.