2009 in Review

So many things have changed in just a few short months. This past year has a seen a lot of changes. I have started my own business, I’m losing a lot of weight and am in school. That’s a lot of things gong on but i think i can handle it. I’ve already posted about my business so I won’t go back over that but the whole “going back to school” thing is a new development.

I’ve wanted to go back to school for years but it was just never the right time. every couple of months i would look online and see what it would cost to do it but it was always something that was out of reach. I was busy working to stay in the apartment i was living in, i wasn’t ready, i just had a baby, stuff like that. But this year when i went online and looked at the prices it wasn’t totally unreasonable. If i was going to do this it wasn’t getting to the point where i needed to just be done with it. And the other thing that was making it hard for me was that the schools were asking a lot of questions of me, where do i work now, how will I pay for school, etc. One school came back to me with a game plan ready for me and that was the kicker. I just wanted someone to say “ok you want to do this, here’s you plan, does that sound good for you? Is this workable for you?” And that’s what I got with Ashford University. I am now in my 3rd class with them and I have done pretty good.

Now that I am in school I have to manage my business, school, family, and a personal life. I don’t know how I have managed but things are just going to have to change a little bit. Savie’s attitude is changing and not for the better. I have to work on that. I am short with her and that’s not fair to her. I am working long hours and she is suffering.

This past month I have had to go the the vet’s office a few times because Halley, my spoiled English Pointer, has had some problems. She has cysts on her legs and underbelly that she has had to have surgery on twice this year. This last surgery was a big one. She had one on her front leg that was just bleeding bad but we didn’t have the money just then to pay for it but that was worked out. It meant that I was not getting my hardwood floors in the new house. (oh did I mention that? No? Oh that will be another post, lol) But I would pay just about anything I could to make sure that she is going to be ok. (to understand this a little better read this post)


So now I am in school, running my own business, and trying to have a personal life while dealing with Halley’s health. that’s my year, how was yours?

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