What do you think of me?

While surfing the net this morning before Savie got up (more on that later) I stopped in to see what the twins were up to. Since I hadn’t been there in awhile there were a lot of posts to catch up on and I stopped on this one and it got me thinking.

I have had plenty of bouts of depression myself where I just didn’t want to do anything, go anywhere, to talk to anyone. I kept it to myself and made myself get out and do things. I also had my daughter to take care of. I didn’t go very deep into the darkness of depression. Reading her post, I felt the same way. I didn’t tell anyone just how I felt at the time. I wasn’t ready to admit that I was not in control of my emotions. I wanted to be seen as a strong person. Reading the title I thought, “someone who has had a same feelings!”. I wasn’t disappointed or thought any less of her because she is dealing with this on a daily basis, I think she is still a strong, confident person. It takes a lot to 1)admit that you are depressed 2) do something about it.


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