Last nights dream

Ants!!! Everywhere I look there are ants! Climbing on my daughter, climbing into my car as I watch, trying to bite into my car seats. Where did they come from? I look down and, there….by the front tire. An anthill. How could I miss that? I yank Savie out of the front seat, where she had been sitting, and start pushing them off of here. They were working their way into her mouth and ears. “Get them off! Get them off me mommy!” she screams as I fight desperately to get every last one of these tiny little monsters off of her. “I have to more the car!” I yell to no one in particular. But how? If i get in the ants will get me to. The ones trying to eat my drivers seat are huge, as big as a man’s thumb. I reach in quickly and put it in neutral, run around the front and push with everything i have. the car barely moves. i push again and….nothing. one more push… moved!!!! ants are crawling across my fingers and down my arms. I blow on them to keep them out of my face. I close my eyes, even though i have glasses on they are still working their way across. Finally I am the one standing in the anthill, time to stop pushing. Savie is standing under a waterfall getting the last of the ants off of her. I run for it as well, seeing the ants in my seat slowly dying.

Some nights my dreams are just weird. 

That’s a good question..

A friend of mine asked me a really good question today over lunch. What’s more dangerous, driving while shaving with an electric razor or talking on a cell phone?

I answered…”Where am I driving to?”

I know that sounds like a weird question to ask back to the original but if it was here in town, then I would say that driving here would be dangerous. There are potholes, sharp turns, javelinas,  and deer to worry about. You need to have both hands on the steering regardless of where you are but these days most people have a Bluetooth or are synced through their cars. They don’t need to hold their phones to talk on them.

I’ve heard reports that a persons reaction time is slower when they are talking on the phone, about 3 second when they are walking I don’t remember what it is for driving, but for the most case I still think that you can talk on the phone and drive at the same time. I have done it before, especially when I am on a long trip, but I will not answer my phone when it’s a text message. Where do you stand on this one? Is your car a phone free zone? Isn’t that what Oprah has been pushing for awhile?

Hello World

Hello world. Yes I know it’s been a long time since I have written anything but it’s been a crazy couple of months. I have started going to school  online, my business has slowed down a little but that should change with the start of summer, and we bought a house. We are still in the process of moving, it’s been 3 weeks, and things are nowhere near being done. But I can post some pictures of what we started with.

The living room

This is the living room at the beginning of construction. Trust me, it doesn’t look much better right now, lol.