Playing well with others

I realized the other day that I do not play well with other people. Well that’s not true. I actually don’t hang out with other people very well. I am relaxed person by nature, it takes a lot to stress me out. Heck, look at my week. I work from 9am to 5pm three days a week, from noon to 5pm two days a week, I have a Zumba class; which is an hour-long by the way; two nights a week, I take a ballet class one night a week, and  teach a children’s dance class two afternoons a week. And that has nothing to do with my weekends. It’s summer so I am trying to get Savie in the pool to swim and have a garden at home to take care of as well as the one that is here at my studio.

I have invited my friend S along on several outings with Savie, mainly because her daughter J is my daughter’s best friend. I thought it would be relaxing but it is so far from relaxing. Last week we went to a ball game here in town and the entire time she was freaked out by what her daughter was doing, where was she, is that normal? I chalk a lot of it up to the fact that she doesn’t spent a lot of time with her. She works full-time so I have her all day and then on the weekends she’s tired. She’s a single parent doing the best she can with what she ahs to work with but it is driving me crazy. I don’t know what to do. I mean I want to hang out with her but it’s a drain on me mentally because she’s always asking me if she’s doing the right thing, if she responded to what just happened the right way, etc. No one is perfect and you have to make mistakes to find the right way that works for you.

So this is my question, do I continue to invite this person to do stuff with us even though I am emotionally drained by the end of the outing?


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