“I don’t see any Black people here, why are they playing this”

Yes, that’s what I wrote. That’s what I heard tonight at the local football game. Not from an adult but from some kid. Who is probably about 15-16 years old. And looking right at me. Can we say that this kid is not really smart?

That put a damper on my night. That has to be a one of the most underhanded racist remarks I’ve ever heard. So does he mean that only Black people listen to hip-hop and R&B? So only Mexicans listen to Tejano  music? Asians only listen to techno? That is such a narrow-minded thought coming from someone who is supposed to be my future. I know I shouldn’t take it personally but it just makes me wonder, did he really think it was okay to say that? Did his friends think he was so great because he thinks like that?

Savie and I sat in our usual seats, the last section of bleachers, couple of rows up, and a little in. It gives me a good chance of being able to see over people standing in front of the bleachers and still not be to far up (remember I’m afraid of heights). I like these seats, it gives me a good view of the field, and when Savie goes to play with her friends, I can still see her. I was close enough to hear this kid, and most of the conversation that they were having, the entire time we were there. The majority of what was coming out of their mouths was just the typical, teenage junk but this, this was just slander. True, tonight they played more hip-hop and R&B music but there was also some Rock in there. I liked the array of music tonight. It wasn’t just one kind of music. After awhile Savie and I got up to go to the bathroom, and because these kids decided to congregate at the bottom of the stairs, they were in the way. I said excuse me but it was still rude of me the way that I said it. What  I really wanted to do was walk by and say “Do you see any Black people now?”.  I was annoyed. They were standing in the way, barely moving for the people who were trying to get by, and generally ignoring the fact that they were in the way. There were plenty of other kids hanging out in front of the bleachers but they were moving for people. There was just a general lack of respect and caring from these boys. I’ve seen them before but they never bothered me before, they were just the typical teenage boys.


I think the point that I am trying to get, and I will get to it, is that people don’t think about what is said in public. If this is what the younger generation thinks about music, what does that say about our country?


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