My week

On Monday morning I wake up and I feel good. I’m ready to go for a long walk with Nala. Maybe even take a bike ride. In the afternoon I’m ready for scocer practice and Belly Dance Practice.

Tuesday I’m ready for Fit Club and a workout that kicks my butt. Come home shower and change, hit my afternoon and then teach my Zumba class.

Wednesday< i should be sore but I feel good. I’m ready for another long wiht Nala and work and a some really good stretching and hard work during Belly Dance class after another soccer practice.

Thrusday, I may do another killer workout, take Nala for a walk, something. then it’s another killer Zumba class.

Friday I try to not do anything but it doesn’t always work, lol.

Saturday it’s Farmer’s Market, soccer game, and errands.

Sunday I try to hike.

When do I relax?