Buyer beware

I teach Zumba and, as the holidays approach, I wanted to do something that would help my community. I decided to hold a Zumbathon fundraiser for my local food bank. It was simple, a dollar and 2 cans of food and you can dance. I put up flyers, told my classes, handed out leaflets, advertised all over the place. But there was a hitch. I need a sound system. So I ordered a really nice set of speakers, stands, and a cordless mic The speakers and stands came straight through Amazon but the mic was coming from an outside company. I didn’t realize that until after I had already ordered everything.

Anyways, the speakers and stands sent me an email telling me when they were shipped so I had a tracking number to see when they should arrive. Great, going just like planned. Nothing on the mics. My speakers and stands arrived one day BEFORE they were suppose to. I thought that was great, gives me more time to play with them and get used to the way they work. Still nothing on my mic. I finally sent them an email, through, asking what was going on with my mic. They said it was ready to ship out the next day. Then, six days later, I get an email saying that the mic was backstocked and is now something that they will no longer being carrying. But I’m getting a refund.

WHAT?!?!?!?!? How can you tell me that it’s ready to ship one day and then tell them  that you don’t have it and won’t get it??!!?!?!? I was also asked, on the same day, to write a review of what I bought. I wrote a great one for the speakers and stands and told the truth about the mic. A few days later I’m sent an email, again through, telling me that they are very sorry for the inconvenience  and frustration that they cause and would I accept a $10 gift card from I wrote back saying that if I had known about them not having it I would have bought something else, instead I had to scramble to find a mic. Yes, I will take the gift card but it will NOT be used to buy anything from them.


So today they sent me an email back, with the code for the gift card and asking me to remove my post bad mouthing them. Should I? I don’t think I should, what I wrote was the truth. I will add to it and say that they fixed it by offering a gift card but that doesn’t erase what happened. What do you think, should I take back my original review or leave it?

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