Being good is hard work

For the past month Savie has had a very loose tooth. I really wish this tooth would fall out on its own but it’s not doing so well. It’s getting closer and closer but it just won’t fall out. I ask her about it, when I notice that she is messing with it, otherwise I don’t bother her with it.

Friday night is my night to “me” stuff. Go to the movies, go for a drive, whatever. It’s very hard to enjoy my “me” time when I get a voice mail from her crying and screaming, saying that something is wrong. I, of course, want to come home and find out what is wrong. What type of   mother would I be if my heart didn’t hurt when I heard her cry? I leave things early, or don’t leave town because I have that sinking feeling that something is going to go wrong. Being a good mom, along with all the other things I do, is hard work.

WHen I think about what I could, I feel guilty. Even though I know that she is going to be fine, that he will work things out or that she will fall asleep soon, it doesn’t make me feel any better. What if this is one of those times when he can’t fix it? What if she cries herself to sleep? Will she feel better in  the morning? Will I feel guiltily knowing that she cried herself to sleep? Even though I know that half an hour after I get home to soothe her, she will be asleep, it doesn’t make it easier for me. I need to be there for her. I need her to know, that f something happens and she wants me, I will be there.

Being a good mom is hard work. And I love it.


Feeling good, looking good?

So yesterday I posted my schedule for my workouts for the week, right? Well I am feeling the pain today. Even before I left for my workout in Sierra Vista, I was hurting. My abs were tightening and twisting and just making their presence known! I’m really glad that the workout for Fit club wasn’t a hard one. We did the Slim in 6, which is ok. I like the lady and everything but I need a little more movement. But the upside to doing her workout is I’m going to stretch out all those muscle that I am building without having to be on the floor doing just yoga (which I am doing now with a friend) or Pilates (which I haven’t tried). I’ve been on the move for most of the day so my stomach hasn’t had a chance to stop but now that everything is done and I am feeling it. I sat down and now my stomach is hurtin’.

So now that I have worked my abs out yesterday with my ab ripper and Zumba and then did Slim in 6, I was hurting. AGAIN! But it’s a good hurt. I also weighed myself today, i’m down 2.6lbs in one day. I forgot how much changing my food cleans me out! I’ve been in and out of the bathroom a lot today but it’s good. My body is getting rid of junk. At this rate I should lose 5lbs this week. Yeah! Now if I could only get my abs to stop hurting.

Getting my body back

So I have been doing Zumba for over a year, Belly Dance for a year and have just added P90X to my workouts. But my problem is my diet. I’ve fallen off my Atkins and really need to get back on it. SO I am. I did the Ab Ripper DVD from the P90X set and it kicked my butt!!! I didn’t like it. I am determined to master this one and move on and have abs of steel.And I want to train for a half marathon. ( I have a lot of plans don’t I?)

So here is m plan. I am giving myself a little over 3 months to get this one DVD mastered. I am going to lose 40lbs (yes I know that sounds like a lot but it’s not really for my frame), and if I can find a half marathon here in the state, do one of those. But here is the break down of what I will do during the week.


  • teach my Zumba class
  • do a P90x/Tae Bo DVD
  • do the Ab Ripper DVD
  • Walk Nala for at least 30 min
  • Yoga


  • GO to Fit Club and do a Beachbody DVD
  • Teach Zumba


  • Teach Zumba
  • Do a P90X/Tae Bo DVD
  • Ab Ripper
  • Belly Dance


  • Yoga
  • Teach Zumba


  • Ab Ripper
  • walk Nala for 2 miles

The weekend will have plenty of stuff as well, a hike or walk, depending on the weather but the week is mapped out. Not bad, I think, and totally manageable. Now that it’s been written down I am committed to getting it done. Now I have to work on my diet. Going back on Atkins means that I have to watch my carbs, drink more water (which should be easy with all these extra workouts), and really paying attention to what I eat. I can do this. I know I can.