Getting my body back

So I have been doing Zumba for over a year, Belly Dance for a year and have just added P90X to my workouts. But my problem is my diet. I’ve fallen off my Atkins and really need to get back on it. SO I am. I did the Ab Ripper DVD from the P90X set and it kicked my butt!!! I didn’t like it. I am determined to master this one and move on and have abs of steel.And I want to train for a half marathon. ( I have a lot of plans don’t I?)

So here is m plan. I am giving myself a little over 3 months to get this one DVD mastered. I am going to lose 40lbs (yes I know that sounds like a lot but it’s not really for my frame), and if I can find a half marathon here in the state, do one of those. But here is the break down of what I will do during the week.


  • teach my Zumba class
  • do a P90x/Tae Bo DVD
  • do the Ab Ripper DVD
  • Walk Nala for at least 30 min
  • Yoga


  • GO to Fit Club and do a Beachbody DVD
  • Teach Zumba


  • Teach Zumba
  • Do a P90X/Tae Bo DVD
  • Ab Ripper
  • Belly Dance


  • Yoga
  • Teach Zumba


  • Ab Ripper
  • walk Nala for 2 miles

The weekend will have plenty of stuff as well, a hike or walk, depending on the weather but the week is mapped out. Not bad, I think, and totally manageable. Now that it’s been written down I am committed to getting it done. Now I have to work on my diet. Going back on Atkins means that I have to watch my carbs, drink more water (which should be easy with all these extra workouts), and really paying attention to what I eat. I can do this. I know I can.


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