Feeling good, looking good?

So yesterday I posted my schedule for my workouts for the week, right? Well I am feeling the pain today. Even before I left for my workout in Sierra Vista, I was hurting. My abs were tightening and twisting and just making their presence known! I’m really glad that the workout for Fit club wasn’t a hard one. We did the Slim in 6, which is ok. I like the lady and everything but I need a little more movement. But the upside to doing her workout is I’m going to stretch out all those muscle that I am building without having to be on the floor doing just yoga (which I am doing now with a friend) or Pilates (which I haven’t tried). I’ve been on the move for most of the day so my stomach hasn’t had a chance to stop but now that everything is done and I am feeling it. I sat down and now my stomach is hurtin’.

So now that I have worked my abs out yesterday with my ab ripper and Zumba and then did Slim in 6, I was hurting. AGAIN! But it’s a good hurt. I also weighed myself today, i’m down 2.6lbs in one day. I forgot how much changing my food cleans me out! I’ve been in and out of the bathroom a lot today but it’s good. My body is getting rid of junk. At this rate I should lose 5lbs this week. Yeah! Now if I could only get my abs to stop hurting.


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