I am not “everyone”

Beauty and the Beast is back in theaters, as of yesterday. I am so thrilled! S has been asking to go see it for weeks, so of course we had to go see it. But wait, I wasn’t the only one whose kid wanted to go see it. My friend G and her kids wanted to see it. So I thought I would make a big event out of it (Similar to when “Princess and The Frog” came out). I knew I would invite people who could make it and some who wouldn’t know until the day of, and that’s fine with me. Life happens. Seeing “Beauty and the Beast” in 3D was so cool, everything I loved about the movie, watching them dance, the waterfall, the snow falling, were made even better, even the rain was better!!! There were times when it was hard for me to see what was going on because the rain was coming down so hard, lol.

Anyways, after the movie I wanted to get some pictures taken of the whole group, just like last time, before everyone took off. They were so cute in their dresses and heels and tiaras. From there we went to the inside playground so we could figure out what we wanted to do next. (The movie got out later than I thought it would) i know that S is too tall to be in there but she is well-behaved, waits her turn, and is aware of the little ones that are in there. There were a couple of other kids that were close to her height so I wasn’t worried about it.

Mall security came over to where I was sitting with my friend, trying to figure out what we should do next, and told me that he was “telling everyone with children over 42″ tall that they were too tall to play at the playground. They can sit and watch but they could not play”. I said ok, I’m waiting for my friend to get back with her kids and then we would leave.  Then he asked me of “The tall one over there” was mine. I said yes.

“She can’t play here”

My daughter is standing next to 2 other girls who were an inch shorter than her and he didn’t say a word about them. Didn’t say a word to my friend that was sitting next to me or to the other ladies that were there. JUST ME! fuming I didn’t say anything other than “OK” because I didn’t want to start cussing at him. I waited until he was gone, called S over, told her we had to leave, and then headed to the mall Management office to find out what was going on. No one was there, shock  and surprise on a Sat., and I came back to the group to get moving.

The same guard was back at the playground, I asked him his name (so when I go in on Mon I can say exactly  who it was) and finished helping S get her stuff together. He came back over and stood by where we were and that just set me off.

I told him he needed to move away, that he was upsetting the kids and myself. He tried to talk to me and I just kept telling him “NO”, there was nothing left to talk about, he need to leave us alone, we weren’t bothering anyone and we were getting ready to go. S is crying her eyes because she was singled out! Of the entire group of kids there, probably about 12 or so, she was the only he pointed out.

Now here is my question. Did someone complain about our group being loud or something or is this man a stalker? In a group of all races why was I, a Black female with a Black child, singled out of the entire group?

yes I am going to complain about this. I have been to the mall plenty of times when older kids are playing in there, taller and older than mine, and they have been rough , rude, and pushy, and security has walked by without saying a word. This was intentional, and personal. What did I do to bring this on my friends and my daughter? This mall, The Mall of Sierra Vista, has some serious issues it needs to fix. This is just the beginning.


Some may say th…

Some may say that I do to many workouts in a week. That may be the case but I have a goal. I am doing it in a healthy way, it’s not a crash diet, it is workouts and healthy eating. It’s learning new things and getting better at them.

I have been Belly dancing for a year and getting better. I am dancing with troupes that have been dancing for years and I am blowing their minds! (and when I say “I” I mean the troupe that I dance with). I have been teaching Zumba for a year and am getting better and learning new things. I am making me better and that is the best thing. Here’s to a great 2012!!!

How do you explain that?

So Savie and I were in Old Bisbee earlier today to get dinner from one of my favorite places, POCO. (If you ever come to Bisbee, you HAVE to try it!!!) I love going there because the food it great, the people working there are so friendly and, there is usually live music playing on Fridays. So we got our food and were driving back home when we passed “Women in Black” standing in their usual place. I threw up my “Peace” sign and kept on driving.

“To bad, Miss S has to stand there all day,” Savie says to me.

“She doesn’t HAVE to honey, she’s protesting the war”

“What’s “Protesting”?

Uh oh, how do I explain this one? I didn’t think about it when i said it but it may have been a little more advanced then she as ready for but I had to go ahead with what we started.

“Protesting is when you tell someone else that you don’t like something they are doing. You get a sign or wear a certain color and stand outside of their building. This is a silent, peaceful protest.”

“Oh, but why do you were a certain color?”

“Do you know what a symbol is?”

I wanted to be sure about this and luckily we were passing a Yield sign without the words. I explained to her that symbols stand for something, just like we know that the Yield sign means the same thing with or without the words. Wearing Black to a funeral is a symbol of mourning. I told her that I wear a red shirt, which is a symbol for blood, in honor of the soldiers who died.


I just don’t know how to explain these things to someone who is only 7year old. I guess I better get better at that and quick!

No Resoultions, only Goals

I have one resolution this year. To not make resolutions but to make goals and accomplish them. And then pass them.Here is just a short list of goals that I’ve decided on so far.

  • Master the “Ab Ripper” DVD of the P90X by March
  • lose 30lbs
  • stick to my Atkins and cut down on my carbs
  • get my kitchen in order
  • get Savie back into her own bed

Everyone makes resolutions and, by the time that summer rolls around, they have forgotten what they are and are back to what they were doing before. But a goal is different. You have a specific place to get to and will work hard to accomplish that goal. That is my plan. I am already doing one very well. I made a promise to myself to save up money for my Vegas trip, true it’s 5 years away but I’m planning for it.

So later on this month I will be buying a screw gun,a ladder, shelves for the kitchen, and a bookcase. I will start putting my kitchen into the order that I want and start putting my books away, getting rid of boxes, and cleaning up. The floor will still need to be taken care of as well as finishing two walls in my computer room, but I can do other things.

Wish me luck!!!

Happy New Year! Welcome 2012

It’s the first few minutes of 2012 and I am already annoyed. LOL.

My new Year was suppose to be me watching movies, that I liked, by myself, twisting my hair. But that is not the way things turned out. Instead of being able to watch movies on the couch alone, I am watching an old movie with him. Oh weel, I will not let this get me down and I will continue to move forward.



Hello 2012!!!