No Resoultions, only Goals

I have one resolution this year. To not make resolutions but to make goals and accomplish them. And then pass them.Here is just a short list of goals that I’ve decided on so far.

  • Master the “Ab Ripper” DVD of the P90X by March
  • lose 30lbs
  • stick to my Atkins and cut down on my carbs
  • get my kitchen in order
  • get Savie back into her own bed

Everyone makes resolutions and, by the time that summer rolls around, they have forgotten what they are and are back to what they were doing before. But a goal is different. You have a specific place to get to and will work hard to accomplish that goal. That is my plan. I am already doing one very well. I made a promise to myself to save up money for my Vegas trip, true it’s 5 years away but I’m planning for it.

So later on this month I will be buying a screw gun,a ladder, shelves for the kitchen, and a bookcase. I will start putting my kitchen into the order that I want and start putting my books away, getting rid of boxes, and cleaning up. The floor will still need to be taken care of as well as finishing two walls in my computer room, but I can do other things.

Wish me luck!!!


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