How do you explain that?

So Savie and I were in Old Bisbee earlier today to get dinner from one of my favorite places, POCO. (If you ever come to Bisbee, you HAVE to try it!!!) I love going there because the food it great, the people working there are so friendly and, there is usually live music playing on Fridays. So we got our food and were driving back home when we passed “Women in Black” standing in their usual place. I threw up my “Peace” sign and kept on driving.

“To bad, Miss S has to stand there all day,” Savie says to me.

“She doesn’t HAVE to honey, she’s protesting the war”

“What’s “Protesting”?

Uh oh, how do I explain this one? I didn’t think about it when i said it but it may have been a little more advanced then she as ready for but I had to go ahead with what we started.

“Protesting is when you tell someone else that you don’t like something they are doing. You get a sign or wear a certain color and stand outside of their building. This is a silent, peaceful protest.”

“Oh, but why do you were a certain color?”

“Do you know what a symbol is?”

I wanted to be sure about this and luckily we were passing a Yield sign without the words. I explained to her that symbols stand for something, just like we know that the Yield sign means the same thing with or without the words. Wearing Black to a funeral is a symbol of mourning. I told her that I wear a red shirt, which is a symbol for blood, in honor of the soldiers who died.


I just don’t know how to explain these things to someone who is only 7year old. I guess I better get better at that and quick!

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