Zumbathon love!

I love Zumba! Today was a Zumbathon in Sierra Vista. I love going to these events, although 4 hr was an AMAZINGLY long time!!! Being able to help a family in need is so great and then to also be able to spend some time with other instructors is also great.

For those that don’t know a Zumbathon is a fundraiser event where several Zumba instructors come a basically do a class. Most events are 2 hours but some are longer. Tickets are sold, items are donated to be raffles off and most, if not all, of the money raised is given to the event. Most of them are world functions such as for as ACLS, Breast Cancer, etc, but they can also be for personal reasons. I have done them for 2 personal reasons, one being a little girl who was diagnosed with Leukemia and the other was for the local Animal Shelter.


Today I danced for 4 hours and I’m sore, and I’m tired and I’m hungry but I was able to help someone and that makes me happy. But I don’t know what makes me happier, the fact that I was there or that Savie was able to help as well? And she loved it. She was so cute dancing with the other kids, hanging out and enjoying us all. She was great.

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