Some days are harder than others

They truly are. I don’t know how I manage to go through most days but I do. I know that when there are things to do whether I want to get off my butt or not, they need to get done. There are days when I want to stay in bed and not do anything but I can’t. I can’t NOT do nothing. I can’t. I tried doing an eye treatment, where I had to put cucumbers on my eyes for 15 minutes. It was the longest 15 minutes in my life. it really was. I have to keep moving, doing things, shaking and dancing. I think I can wait until I am old to stop moving, lol.



I know I’ve been away for a long time and things have just gotten away from me. So I am going to try…again….to keep up with this. I need to start using my blog as a chance to dump all my problems, to put it out into the world without using names, to get it out of my head and make it possible for me to function without going crazy. Wish me luck!

Spring has sprung…….I think

Well we had the freakish winter. Living in the desert I don’t expect to get snow this winter we got over a foot and a half!!!! In four separate occasions! And having lived her for the past 8 years and not really had a winter, this was quite a shock to my system. I the heating bills were out of control! But that’s ok, that’s a totally different story. After Groundhogs Day, I was hoping for an early SPring, like he predicted, but we got another snow after that! So for the past couple of weeks it’s been slowly getting warmer and it’s been nice. But my nose is not agreeing with it. My nose is having problems. I need my allergy meds to kick in and for my nose to stop running but I guess I will have to wait until Fall.


Get out and enjoy the warm weather!

Some people…….

Some people just need to learn to slow down and think about what they are doing. Some thigns can’t be taken back. Thing about your words, how you are saying them, and what meaning might be behind them. What you say can be taken in so many different ways than what you meant. Words are a powerful tool that needs to be treated with respect.

In the moment

I realize that Savie & I do a lot of stuff together but there rarely are pictures. Why? Because I am busy BEING WITH my daughter instead of of trying to get the perfect shot, the perfect picture.
It’s nit about that. It’s about enjoying the time I have with her, because she’s not going to be my little girl forever. I won’t Ned pictures to remind myself of the times we had, I’ll have my memories, the things we made, to remember that time by.
Be in the moment, not watching it.

On the road again

Savie is a Road Warrior. The two of us have driven to California and back, alone, at least 10 different times. We started doing it when she was about a year old and have made a trip almost every year. Usually it’s just to my side of the family and friends so we can get a lot done in a week. This last trip was to Idaho to see his family. Didn’t get nearly as much fun stuff as usual, and I know Savie was a little bummed.

He doesn’t understand that when you are going to have a 7year sit still for two hours you need to let them goof off for awhile first. He kept telling her to “sit down, settle down” but you can’t do that to a 7year old!!! I have flown twice with her, by myself, and she has been a dream. The flight attendants have loved having her on board. Even if they were just being nice, she was good on board.

Today she was woken up early, and made to get leave Idaho where she has had a blast meeting her cousins, visiting with family, and just having fun, to sit in a car for 2hrs and then be told to “be still’. When the two of us fly we get there a good 2hr early, like your suppose to, and then spend time walking around, looking in shops, being active until it’s time to board. this way she is nice and tired and not so antsy to move around once we are on the plane.


But the upside is we are home, she is in bed, and I have some time to relax before tomorrow (ha ha). Here’s to getting back to normal and having a a normal day.

Say “excuse me”

I was in the grocery store today with my daughter, pushing the shopping cart when I came cart to cart with a couple of teenagers. I stopped and waited for them to move to the side. They stopped, waited, and didn’t move. I motioned that I was going in the aisle that they were blocking and they finally moved out of the way. As I walked by them I said, loud enough for them to hear, “That’s why you walk to the right”. All I heard was “Well, excuse me” from the little girl, with an attitude.

When did it become standard practice to not say “excuse me” when you walk by people? For youngsters to be so rude to their elders, true I’m only 10 years older than the kids I was talking to today, but still you get the point. There was no respect in their tone of voice or the way they looked at me. That is not the way I am raising my daughter. There are certain things that should, no HAVE to be taught to our children so they grow up with respect for other people.

  • say please and thank you.
  • say excuse me when you walk in front of someone
  • walk to the right so oncoming traffic and pass
  • listen to your elders, even slight, when speaking

i remember these things when I was growing. I didn’t talk back to my parents, I didn’t yell at them, or hit them. When did things change? Kids these days are just rude, no mannered heathens. I’m sorry if I offend parents when I correct their kids when they don’t but someone needs to do it.