Jumping for Joy

Last week I tried to make bread. It didn’t turn out so great. It didn’t rise like it was suppose and the kneading part didn’t work so well. I went ahead and baked it but it still didn’t rise. Hubby said it tasted ok but I think he was just being nice. It made a great soup bread, great for soaking up all the juices. We ate it and everything was fine.

Well tonight i thought i would try again since I also wanted cookies. This house is just so cold and drafty that the only warm place to put it was in the oven after I finished using it for something. It seemed to work. I made two loaves of bread, which is what i should have gotten last time, and they came out pretty good. One is a little overdone, maybe by 5 minutes, but it looks right this time. I just might have to start making my own bread more often.