I caught part of a story on CNN. A mother took her autistic son, 2-3yr old, to a hair salon to get his hair cut. They were kicked out by the owner because the child was “out of control” and it was “unfair to her other clients” to have to listen to his crying. They finished the hair cut outside. There is also a post about it on Facebook somewhere.

Now one of their correspondents, I think, was saying that there are dentists offices, hair salons, etc, that have special hours for their special needs patients. That’s great. M’s argument? “Why would you take him to a public place to get a haircut? You know he doesn’t like it so do it at home?” Me? Why do I need to hide my child? There is nothing wrong with him that means he can’t be in public. There are plenty of “normal” children who don’t like haircuts, who freak out at people touching their heads, etc. so what makes an autistic child so different? Autistic children, in whatever degree of autism, need people to understand that yes, they have special needs, but they are still children. They can’t explain everything that is happening to them, they don’t always have the words to define what they are experiencing or are able to understand what they are feeling.


To parents of special needs children, I am sending you a HUGE hug today.

Children and manners

Or maybe I should say the lack of manners. Some children just seem to have no manners in this day. They don’t seem to understand that mom is mom and dad is dad, not Richard or Mary. When did calling your parents by their name, at 3 yr old, become ok? I still don’t call my parents by their  given  names and I’m in my 30’s. Am I the only one that finds that odd? When did this become the norm?

Another issue that I have tried to instill in my kids is being quiet at certain events. We have movie time in the afternoon after lunch. It gives them time to settle down and digest their food , and some quiet time for me. We have certain saying for several things like “that;s a bad idea”. Well a big one that I am really pushing on the them is that movie time is quiet time. There is to be no talking or playing with the toys during movie time. It’s a time for the to lay down and watch a movie and that they have to be quiet just like when you go to the movie theater. To many people today talk during the movie and don’t realize just how rude they are. There is a time and a place for talking and once the movie has started and  the lights are turned off, talking is not allowed. There has been a day or two when movie time has been canceled because there was to much talking. True they were upset but why should they be rewarded for bad behavior? There have been few times when I have allowed talking during the movie. We go over the rules before the movies starts so there is no confusion about what is ok and not.