DWTS week 8

Well with LT out of it that means that only Lil Kim will have a skimpy outfit, lol. I love when there is a team dance, you get to see just how they work with someone that they don’t like that much. I wonder what happened to Melissa.

Gilles with the Lindy hop- what is with Cheryl and her partners hurting their arms? This is the second one, true this time it’s his collar bone but still. This was a good dance I wasn’t that great in my opinion but what I know. I give him a 6 for tonight.

Lil Kim with the Paso double- wow that’s all I can say. That was fierce, powerful and she bounced on her butt. She looked so serious that it gave me shills. I give her a 10 for this one.

Chuck with the Cha Cha- I am totally not surprised that he got kicked in the head it was bound to happen. Maybe he should wear sating more often; he seems to move so much better in it, lol. That was cute and fun and upbeat I loved it. I give him a 9.

Shawn with the Samba- tips from his mother? Hmmm interesting. That was cute but for some reason that seemed slow and a little weird. Mark seemed to be doing most of the dance she was just there. I give her an 8.

Melissa with the jive- why did they have to keep saying that “even though this was the practice and you were just marking”? We know that but get to what you liked about the dance already. Poor Melissa.

Ty with the salsa- wow what happened to him? He got a spray tan and was just a wild man on the floor. Throwing her around like she was a rope. Just all over the place I loved it!!! I give him a 9 on that one.

Team Mambo- I have no words for that. To busy laughing over the ending but I like that a lot. I wonder what team tango has up their sleeve.

Team Tango- yes they were better but I still like mambo better. Two different kinds of dances so there was a lot of differences between them. I like Team Mambo better, they were more fun to watch but Team Tango was better.