I’m still shaking

Forgive me if my writing is a little off my hands are still shaking.

On the days that I don’t work I like to drop Savie off at school and take Halley for a walk, especially now that she has a bike. So this morning was just another morning,only that Halley got a bath before we left. Dropped Savie at school and then went on to K’s house to help her with one of her dogs. After that we walked back, passing the same houses since we were going to pick up Savie and come home. Well we passed this one house that has a cute little pug of a dog but instead of just standing at the front gate barking at us like it did before it ran for the side gate and out into the street where it went after Halley and Halley went after it. I screamed and yelled for her to “drop it, give”  everything. Finally the lady comes running out of the house screaming at me “I won’t call the police if you just let go of my dog”. I finally got Halley to let loose of the dog, after getting bit a couple of times myself, and the dog ran a little ways away and then barked some more.

I am so shaken up. I can’t believe Halley did this. I had to call K to come get us because I didn’t think i could make the walk home. I’m mad at Halley and a little upset with the lady. I wasn’t telling Halley to go after the dog, egging her on or anything but telling me something like that didn’t help the situation at all.

Please send me some calming vibes, good thoughts, and the like. I have to go take a shower, clean my hand and calm down.