Yes I know that this a few days late but I wrote this the night that I watched but just haven’t had a chance to post until now. tThings have been a little hectic at work.

David- I liked his dance. True he’s not one of the younger people out there but he did hold his own. That takes a lot.

Lil Kim- The sex appeal of this should be very easy for her. The dance moves might be a little hard but the the lifts were very impressive. I had shivers from thi. I’m speechless.

Chuck- It was cute but what do you expect from Julianne? I knew it would be cute and that she would put a lot of fun stuff in it for him but it was just ok, I give him a 6.

Lawerance- This should be an easy one for Edyta, she’s got the legs and lines that lawerance might be a little uncomfortable with the wife. Nicely done but Lil Kim’s was better.

Ty- Wow that was pretty good. He did get a little off but he wasn’t that far off. I liked it a lot. I was hoping to see him throw her around a little more but that was good. A 7 is what I give him.

Mellisa- Wow. She started to slow down towards the middle of the dance but it was so good. I wanted to dance to!!! I wanted to be out there dance and getting thrown around the floor.

Holly- this should be a little easy for her. Looking sexy comes easy for her so it seems. Nice dance a little safe but her back hurts also.

The Woz- Wow that painful.

Steve-O- Wow that was….something. He was a step behind the whole time and it was so hard to watch.

Gilles- How can a sexy French man not be sexy in this dance? Can we say Antiono Banderas???? Get a hose that wasy hot and sexy. I think I need a cold shower. Wow karrie ann. Yes the wife is a lucky woman.

Shawn- She’s so cute. The smile is just adorable. That was so adorable. That was just cute and fun and high energy. I loved it.