Children and manners

Or maybe I should say the lack of manners. Some children just seem to have no manners in this day. They don’t seem to understand that mom is mom and dad is dad, not Richard or Mary. When did calling your parents by their name, at 3 yr old, become ok? I still don’t call my parents by their  given  names and I’m in my 30’s. Am I the only one that finds that odd? When did this become the norm?

Another issue that I have tried to instill in my kids is being quiet at certain events. We have movie time in the afternoon after lunch. It gives them time to settle down and digest their food , and some quiet time for me. We have certain saying for several things like “that;s a bad idea”. Well a big one that I am really pushing on the them is that movie time is quiet time. There is to be no talking or playing with the toys during movie time. It’s a time for the to lay down and watch a movie and that they have to be quiet just like when you go to the movie theater. To many people today talk during the movie and don’t realize just how rude they are. There is a time and a place for talking and once the movie has started and  the lights are turned off, talking is not allowed. There has been a day or two when movie time has been canceled because there was to much talking. True they were upset but why should they be rewarded for bad behavior? There have been few times when I have allowed talking during the movie. We go over the rules before the movies starts so there is no confusion about what is ok and not.


Jumping for Joy

Last week I tried to make bread. It didn’t turn out so great. It didn’t rise like it was suppose and the kneading part didn’t work so well. I went ahead and baked it but it still didn’t rise. Hubby said it tasted ok but I think he was just being nice. It made a great soup bread, great for soaking up all the juices. We ate it and everything was fine.

Well tonight i thought i would try again since I also wanted cookies. This house is just so cold and drafty that the only warm place to put it was in the oven after I finished using it for something. It seemed to work. I made two loaves of bread, which is what i should have gotten last time, and they came out pretty good. One is a little overdone, maybe by 5 minutes, but it looks right this time. I just might have to start making my own bread more often.

Happy New Year!!!!

Well it’s time to start a new year and welcome some changes. There are many to come for the US and that starts with our new President. I am actually looking foreword to all the pomp and ceremony that is involved with swearing in a new President. Even though there will be way to much garbage to clean up afterwards, among other things it will be a good thing.

There will be a few changes around here. I won’t get to post as often as I would like, mainly because I will be working more. I will also be posting books I am reading, possibly with a review of them. If I can figure it out I will also had links for them.

So on this first day of the new year what did you do? Myself, I went to the laundromat and washed/dried 2 loads of clothes. Why you ask, because last week when we had a hard freeze overnight my water line to the washer in the garage froze and doesn’t seem to be thawing out. The days weren’t warm enough long enough for it to thaw and the nights have been in the low 30’s so it’s, in my opinion, starting to thaw and then re-freezing. But going to the laundromat in winter is something I am used to.

Oh before I forget I am also posting everyday. What a minute? Didn’t I just say that I wasn’t going to post as often? Oh well I’ll figure something out, lol.

a little break

I am going to take a little bit of a break from blogging. (Not that I am around a lot anyways)

I got the phone call that many dread last night. You know the one when you have an elderly grandparent that isn’t doing so well in their health. But this one wasn’t about my grandmother, it was about my uncle. He and his son were skiing (I think) and something happened and now he is on life support, brain dead. I am trying to hold things together because Savie doesn’t know what is going on and I would like to keep it that way until necessary.

Thoughts, prayers, wishes etc are weclomed.

Heads Or Tails

This week’s prompt for H O T is “This time of year”

I love/hate this time of year. I worked retail for 10 years so I have seen some of the worst behavior out of people at this time of year. Cutting in line, nearly running over people in the parking lot, pushing in the store, it was incrediable. I couldn’t believe that at a time of year when we are suppose to be “nice” and “giving” to each other can be so cruel and barbaic to each other. At least that’s how I felt my first two Christmas’s working retail. I was appalled at how such a beautiful time of year, with the lights twinking and the smell of hot apple cider and pine tree’s could get so ugly.

Even though my hometown wasn’t that big when I was growing up there were still some beautiful display’s around town by the local stores. Downtown Petaluma was always nicely done with wreaths on light poles and Christmas displays in store front windows that were not only selling the items in their stores but also setting a tone for the season.

That’s what I like about Bisbee. There is no big flashy display. There is a simple Festival of Lights, which we didn’t go to this year, where they sing Christmas carols, the cheerleaders perform and then Santa arrives. Most of the business’s have some display in their window, entered in the holiday display contest, and of course the lights.

Last year we didn’t do anything as a family on Christmas Eve but Savie and I drove around and looked at all the lights people had up. This year I doubt hubby will want to go (since he finds my seats uncomfortable and willing be working until late tomorrow) but we will again drive around looking at lights only this time we will have some popcorn to go along with it.

So I’m a little conflicted about this holiday. On one hand it’s a beautiful time of year with displays and lights and good cheer but on the down side things like this happen because we are way to commericalized.

Tom Cruise

I don’t usually watch the Today Show but this morning I had to, Tom Cruise was on. Now before you start thinking that I’m a big Cruise fan (even though I do still like some of his earlier movies) that’s not why. I was watching 3 years ago when this happened and was curious to see what would happen this time. I was personally offened when he made the remarks he did last time he was on but he was also making a big deal out of the whole “TomKat” and all. I didn’t see the show myself but I did catch the video online.

Did you watch him this morning? I thought, that for the short amount of time that he was on this morning he slightly redeemed himself. Just slightly. I’m still not to interested in watching his movies and think he’s a little out there but he did say that what he sid last time didn’t come out the way he meant it to so that’s a start.

I tried

I really did. I had no plans for today, haven’t bothered to look at the sale papers, see what my local favorite place is having for lunch or dinner but I have to buy something. But it’s important at least to hubby it is. The cell phone bill. It’s overdue so that is all I am paying for today. Does that count?

But in a happier note yesterday was fun. I stayed up late the night before only to find out that the cheesecake I was going to make couldn’t be made because I had no sugar! That’s right sugar. I had already been to the store on Tuesday but still needed to make one more run to the store. But I saw a few people I hadn’t seen in awhile so it’s ok.

The turkey turned out great, a little dry he said but that’s ok with me. There was stuffing, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and rolls, everything you need to make a Thanksgiving dinner, right? After we got everything made and ate Savie asked me at least 15 times if she could have cake, the cheesecake. I told her that it wasn’t time for that yet. That what happens on Thanksgiving goes  like this.First you wait hours to eat because the turkey is not done, then you eat way to much, take a nap while watching football, and then after you wake up you eat a little more and then have cake. She was so cute telling me she just wanted “a little bit”. I had a feeling that even thought it was only 4 when we finally had cake she would be asleep soon. And I was right. If I had really been thinking I would have taken some pictures of the turkey and the rest of the food, Savie asleep in the chair, and everything else. We had a lot of fun and there is plenty of food left to make plenty of things in the next month or two, lol. Hope you all had a filling day not just in your stomach but in your heat as well.