Heads or Tails #1

This weeks prompt for H O T is “Three things”

I learned quite a few things in 2008. I learned that I have a lot of patience for kids. A LOT. I worked volunteered at a learning center since the middle of summer and have been dealing with a lot kids. Some of them are good kids but a lot of them just have no home training at all.Which takes us to the second thing I have learned.

I learned that I am a pretty good mom. I have learned a lot of things about myself and how to handle Savie. She is a great kid but when I step back and look at how she¬† behaves in public and at home. She doesn’t act us as much as some of the kids at school.Which takes us to number three.

The influence the media has on our kids. We have had to tell some of the kids not to bring certain things to school. It A lot of what is on the Disney Channel is not ok, like Hannah Montana. Most of the other stuff is ok in small doses. The way the media takes a good educational show like Dora, Diego, Thomas the Tank, and others like that and use then to sell sugar-fied yogurt and cereal’s. There is a sugar limit. Most of the kids have been given the paperwork that says what foods are ok to bring and what-not but there are still the ones that send their kids, mind you they are 3 and 4 yrs old, with pudding, a Twinkie, a jelly sandwich, and a Capri Sun. That is a lot of sugar, way more then they really need. Very few get fruits like apples slices, banana’s, or maybe an orange or veggies for that matter like, celery, cucumbers, or carrots (wow those were all “c” foods, lol).

What did you learn last year? What do you want to learn this year?

Changing of the guard

There will be some changes this year. Not just for me personally but all round. I have already trimmed a couple of my trees here in the yard, which don’t look so great at the moment but by the time spring rolls around and they really grow again things should look good. I’ve moved one of the my plants and still need to move the other two, but cutting back on the plants that are around where I put them has helped some. They also got watered today. My arms are going to be sore tomorrow not to mention the big cut I have on my hand from where one of the branches hit me in the hand.

Oh yeah I finished my first book of the year!!!!!!! I am hoping that this is a sign that I will be able to read close to 50 this year.