Some days

I love my husband, really I do. But there are some days when he’s just a pain in my butt annoying (is that bad of me to say that?) Today was my day to go shopping, clean the house, and do stuff for me. I got three loads of clothes washed and hanging up (nearly freezing my hands off in the process) and was working on my fourth when Savie said she wanted to go to school for awhile. Which was fine with me since she wasn’t doing anything here. Sometime around noon I finished and got Savie came home to drop off Halley and grab my coupon box and headed into town.

Just as we got to town and order lunch (I told Savie that if we made it quickly we could stop here for lunch) my phone rang. It was hubby calling to ask if we wanted to visit him on his job. An hour and a half away!!!!!! Now that I was in town that made it almost 3 hours away.

****since I am now finishing this the next morning I will shorten it some****

****sorry now it’s 3 days after the fact****

After getting lunch and coming back home to find the tools he needed, we drove out to the mountains we drove the hour and a half to the mountains to where hubby was. After hanging out for a good hour we drove back into light which is another 2 hours from where we were. But this time it was 8 pm. We were cold, hungry and still needed to go grocery shopping. It was a long night. It was 10:30pm by the time we to home and still needed to put all the groceries away, get her in the shower and dressed for the bed and make lunch for the next day.

It was a long night to say the least.