What a start

This is not the way I wanted to start my year. I have the school now, technically since the first of the year, but it will officially be mine after the 17th when she has all of her stuff moved out. Things are not going well so far.

I looked over the books and, even thouh Ihave been doing them since I started working here I didn’t really know just how much was owed her. Now that I have done them I can see that there is over $1,000. 00 due her from outstanding debts!!!!!! One of the parents I know will not be paying up anytime soon and now just got a 90 day notice from their work!!!!!!! Great! I mean I feel bad that this is happening to them but it also effects me pretty bad as well.

And now one of my students, even though they are only here 3 days a week, won’t be coming until I get some other stuff taken care of with my new teacher. I can’t say that I was surprised by it but for all important reasons it shouldn’t be a problem since their paths shouldn’t cross if they were picked up on time.

I want need the kids to be out of here by 5 every night not just when I have class but also for myself. I would like to get home at a decent hour and be able to spend some time with my husband, you know? But now this has come up and there are problems. But like I said it’s not really a problem, just puts a snag in my plans.

Oh well things will change. Right?