I am such a bookie. I love to read and thankfully so does my daughter. I have so many books right now that I won’t even get to most of them in the next year yet I continue to buy them.Right now I am really into L A Banks series (I have every one of this series so far and only the first of this one) and am waiting impatiently for the next one to come out.Finding books for Savie is easy.

As long as it’s cute, with a side of educational, she likes it. She doesn’t really have favorite character or type of books so at this point anything works. Since I have been working at the studio I have taken to finding books at the library to add to our collection and refresh what we have. I bought these thru Ebay and have the whole set now, we had parts of it at school. Last week we read this book and I loved it, today we read this one and I am so in love with it. You have to read it, the kids loved it and so will you.