Sunday Scribbings #2

This weeks prompt is Tradition.

Personally I am not big on traditions, it means that you do the same thing every year, that very little changes. I don’t like that. It’s to final for me. If we do certain things every year great but it’s not a big deal. Take getting our Christmas tree for instance. We don’t go to the lot to get one, we go and get one from a place in the woods and it’s more about the outing then anything. We spend the morning being lazy then sometime in the after noon we get dressed and get in the car, all of us even Halley, and go out for a drive.

It’s a nice place to go. Hard for me since I am afraid of heights and we have to drive on the side of a mountain but hey, nothing we can do about that, lol. Once we are out there we walk around for a while¬† before we find a nice small tree since we don’t have a big space. I think this year we will be making a popcorn string, with cranberries and other stuff, like I read in a book (I wish I could remember the name) last year.

So our holiday tradition is very casual, laid back and relaxing. But I know if we went to my families for the holidays we would be a little stressed out and not because we are there with them but because we wold have to leave Halley with someone.

So what about you, what kind of Traditions do you have?


Sunday Scribblings #2

I know I’m late with this one but I was a little distracted with baking this weekend, lol. This weeks prompt is “A Winter’s Tale“.

Now I am not a big fan of cold, snow or Winter but winter in Arizona is bearable for me. We don’t really get snow here even though we are in the mountains but the wind is what gets you every time, at least that’s how I feel. I am a cold loving person, unlike my daughter who, as you can see from this picture, loved playing in the snow at my mother’s house last year.

Now hubby on the hand can handle the snow. He grew up in Idaho where it really snows, you know where you have snow days from school, have to actually dig your car out of the snow to get to work. That’s not for me. I am from California, the Bay Area to be exact, where it doesn’t snow. It rains, flood days are the norm there. But since we live in an area that doesn’t do snow and we don’t have to worry about it really I think we will stay.

Sunday Scribblings #1

It’s been a while since I have done a scribble and a first on this blog. This weeks prompt is Grateful.

There are a lot of things I’m grateful for.

I’m grateful that I am still here, that I’m still alive.

I’m grateful that i have a husband

even if he doesn’t do much around the house, lol.

I’m grateful that there are people I can call and talk to around here,

even if they don’t really know me.

I am grateful for so many things that at times,

it is almost overwhelming.

I am grateful that my daughter loves me

even when i yell

I’m grateful that I can see and hear

everything she does

because I know in this day and age

it can all be taken away

in the blink of an eye.

What are you grateful for?