Tackle It Tuesday

I should have done this a loooooong time ago but it was just not on my list of favorite things to do. I have a white garbage can in the corner of the kitchen. And my kitchen is kinda laid out funny so things get forgotten and whatnot but cleaning the garbage is something that I really shouldn’t overlook. I bought this one about 2 years ago I think (man that is a long time) and have never cleaned it. Yes that’s what I said I have never cleaned the top of my garbage can. I know that that is just gross, unsanitary, etc but it grosses me out.

Well last night I took the garbage out and decided that since I was about ready to get of the sponge and there was nothing soaking in the sink, that it was time to try and clean the lid. After spraying this I used this and a magic eraser it came out so clean. Almost brand new. I should have done this sooner.

What have you tackled lately?