Yes, it is my choice, not yours

Choices. We all have to make them. From the mundane of picking out which shoes to wear with that dress to picking the right school to go to college. Every choice is yours to make and is just that…….yours. YOU picked the shoes the don’t really go with that dress, YOU picked the parking spot that was under a tree with a nest full of birds, YOU made those choices and you have to live with them.


My choices are mine. What I  decide to do with my child, my car, my life, is mine. Yes, I am defensive when you question what I do. Do you live my life? Do you deal with my life on a daily basis? No you don’t. That little snippet of my day, that 10 minutes that you saw of me having; in your words, a meltdown, was just that. 10 minutes of my day, 10 minutes of the 1,440 minutes don’t think you know me and how i live or anything about me. You are not a major player in my life.


Several times a day I hear people tell me daughter, “oh mommy’s just tired, she didn’t mean that.” or “let’s go do this while mommy calms down”. Please don’t undermine my parenting. Did my tone of voice offend you? Did my telling my daughter, for the fifth time, to stop doing something, make you upset? I’m sorry to hear that but that is my choice to handle the situation that way. I am in no position to judge other people, yes I can have an opinion, but it’s just that. My opinion. I don’t have any say in what you do, how you handle a situation. If you choose to handle a situation in a certain way, that’s your choice, not mine.


Remember, Your choices are your choices and mine are mine.