Gotta love animals!!

I love animal commercials. You know the ones where it’s all about the dog/cat/bird and it’s cute like this one for Black & Decker

or this one

But this one I don’t really get or find it funny. What do you think?


I tried

I really did. I had no plans for today, haven’t bothered to look at the sale papers, see what my local favorite place is having for lunch or dinner but I have to buy something. But it’s important at least to hubby it is. The cell phone bill. It’s overdue so that is all I am paying for today. Does that count?

But in a happier note yesterday was fun. I stayed up late the night before only to find out that the cheesecake I was going to make couldn’t be made because I had no sugar! That’s right sugar. I had already been to the store on Tuesday but still needed to make one more run to the store. But I saw a few people I hadn’t seen in awhile so it’s ok.

The turkey turned out great, a little dry he said but that’s ok with me. There was stuffing, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and rolls, everything you need to make a Thanksgiving dinner, right? After we got everything made and ate Savie asked me at least 15 times if she could have cake, the cheesecake. I told her that it wasn’t time for that yet. That what happens on Thanksgiving goes¬† like this.First you wait hours to eat because the turkey is not done, then you eat way to much, take a nap while watching football, and then after you wake up you eat a little more and then have cake. She was so cute telling me she just wanted “a little bit”. I had a feeling that even thought it was only 4 when we finally had cake she would be asleep soon. And I was right. If I had really been thinking I would have taken some pictures of the turkey and the rest of the food, Savie asleep in the chair, and everything else. We had a lot of fun and there is plenty of food left to make plenty of things in the next month or two, lol. Hope you all had a filling day not just in your stomach but in your heat as well.

What was he thinking?

I am not one to get on a high horse or get overly political but there are some things I am passionate about. One of those things is animal rights. I’ve been keeping an eye on the whole Vick situation on FaceBook and in the news when they think to bring it up. This morning I was reading my local paper and saw this article. I was pissed. I seriously hope that when he was writing this he thought he was being funny but there is nothing funny about this. It’s not some party antidote. It’s real and it’s a problem. This will be the only time (I hope) that I will have to bring this up.

Happy Holidays

Before the holday craze gets here I just wanted to say Happy holidays to everyone (even though I know there are maybe 2 people reading this and one of them is me, lol). This is the time of year that I can’t stand. Doesn’t make sense does it? It’s the time of year when we should all feel closer to people, want to give to others, and just be joyful. But not for me.

It’s cold, and the weather bites. It’s not so much that it’s cold but it’s the wind that comes up out of nowhere and gets under your clothes and you can feel that cold down to your bones. But I think the reason I can’t stand it that much is because this house is so drafty. I’ve put a candle in the kitcen, walked the 5 steps to the couch and watched it flicker on a slightly breezy day. It’s no wonder that our gas bill goes up so much in the winter. I would love to move to a different house that’s not drafty and doesn’t have holes all over the place and yard that is secure. Espically since on my walk home from school today my neighbor down the street told me tha my dog was out and playing wiht his. that is not what I wanted to hear.But that is something I have to work on with her.

Today at school was a good day. We only did a half since i wasn’t really in the mood and wanted to get some laundry done before the rains come in tomorrow but that was not the case. I fell asleep. But I did make it to the store to buy our turkey and a few other things for Thursday.

I really should be going to bed so I can get things done tomorrow and Wednesday for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Sunday Scribblings #1

It’s been a while since I have done a scribble and a first on this blog. This weeks prompt is Grateful.

There are a lot of things I’m grateful for.

I’m grateful that I am still here, that I’m still alive.

I’m grateful that i have a husband

even if he doesn’t do much around the house, lol.

I’m grateful that there are people I can call and talk to around here,

even if they don’t really know me.

I am grateful for so many things that at times,

it is almost overwhelming.

I am grateful that my daughter loves me

even when i yell

I’m grateful that I can see and hear

everything she does

because I know in this day and age

it can all be taken away

in the blink of an eye.

What are you grateful for?

Sum up Saturday

This week has been a great week. The weather has been nice, school was great and evn this morning at the Farmer’s Market was good.

Last week wasn’t so hot. One of my kids, B, fell hard and scarped his face up really good. We were on our way to the park to get some leaves and pine cones for an art project and had only made it around the corner when one of the other kids had to stop because she walked out of her shoes. B walked around us, took a couple more steps and then fell face first onto the cement. I almost cried,¬† it was just so bloody. He nose, two places on his cheek, and his lip was spilt. I felt so bad. His mom was OK with it, at least she was while she was at school but who knows what she did when they were in the car or at home. But they did come back the next day.

But back to this week. There were no problems all week long. Savie and I did our usual stuff on the two days off we had, did a little shopping, hung out at the house, stuff like that. We didn’t stay for class on Tues I don’t remember why but then Thursday we did. But that’s OK after making several batches of applesauce I was a little tired.

This morning rolled around and it was off to the Farmer’s Market. I love the fact that it has been extended until the middle of next month. Usually it ends at the end of October but there was a demand, and a lot of crops going to waste, so they extended, yeah! Anyways since Savie has her bike she wants to ride it all the time. So we loaded up the bike and drove down to the park. (Before you ask why didn’t we just ride down there it’s because we live at the top of a hill and had other things to do afterwards). She was so cute. I really wish I had taken some pictures. She’s getting better every day that she’s on it. She rode all around the market, then up the street to school and back. She was almost to fast for me on the way back,lol.After that it was time to head up to ‘Ol Bisbee and the library. Returned a few books, got some new ones and then got coffee. Made a quick stop at the Co-op to grab a few things and then home to watch the Boise State game. (GO BIG BLUE!) Poor baby fell asleep before the game even started. I had a feeling that would be the case.

All in all it was a great day and now she is asleep in bed after a small dinner and a short shower with Halley. They are so cute.