Party on baby!

The party was a success!! I was so happy with the way the party came out for school. Every time I have a party I’m nervous about how it will work. Whether the kids will like what I have planned, if the projects I want to do will work, whether or not there will be enough kids, that kind of thing. For Easter the party I had planned was a “Bunny” party. We would do lots of bunny themed projects; eat like a bunny and my rabbit Max would come down for the day. Well the bunny projects I had didn’t quite pan out like I was hoping (there was one from Ramblings that I really wanted to try but couldn’t find a picture that worked) but the other projects that I had worked out great. The flowers took a little longer to make then I thought but then again you can’t rush the painters, lol. The gardening we did that day was fine and the movie was prefect “Max and Ruby: Summertime with Max and Ruby”. How fitting right? I thought so.

I’m hoping that the little bit of a party that I have planned for Earth Day, going to the park we usually play, to pick up garbage goes well. We seem to play at he same area all the time and they keep bringing me garbage anyways so we might as well clean the area, right? I know some of the parents, well actually one parent, made a comment to me about cleaning a place that has broken glass and whatnot in it but at the same time do they want us to just leave it and let the kids play there anyway? I would much rather that Savie bring it to me, with gloves on of course, then play around it and get hurt by it. I’ve taken to taking a garbage bag with us on walks anyways because we are always finding garbage when we go out. Plus it will get them in the train of thought for that Sat.’s Farmer Market. They are suppose to be having a big Earth Day party with recycling of clothes, a May Pole and other projects. I can’t wait.