Sunday Scribblings

It’s been a long time (again) since I have done one but here goes. This weeks prompt  is Aging, which is kinda good timing since I have just had a birthday two weeks ago.

I don’t mind the aging part, you know getting older and wiser, that’s all well and good for me.  The part that I mind is the gray hairs and using the phrase’s ,  “When I was younger”  and “I did that about 10 years ago”. It didn’t bother me so much before but now it’s starting to sound funny to me. I mean just the other day I was saying to a friend that I hadn’t done something in “like 10 or 15 years”. I’m only 33 I shouldn’t be saying that!!! I was at the store the other day and Time Bandits was on the shelf on sale. I remember watching that when it first came out and that was in 1981 so I was what, 5 yrs old? But I remember watching it when it was on TV like TBS or something so even that would put it around the early-mid 90’s. The cashier looked at me like I was crazy. He said that I was the second person to say that that day. Talk about aging yourself, lol.


Thank you Super Nanny

As I have mentioned before I love watching Super nanny. A lot of the things she says and the way she fixes things make a lot of sense to me and seem so simple. One of my moms told me the other day that she was doing three things with her daughter at the same time, leaving her at the studio, getting her to sleep without mom, and also getting rid of the pacifier. The first two I kinda had a feeling about but the pacifier thing kinda surprised me since she’s 3 and all but then again there have been kids on TV who were 5 with a pacifier. She asked for my help since she was going to stop leaving her here for awhile since she has regressed and is not having problems with it. When I asked her which one she was more attached to, her sleeping with her or the pacifier, she said the pacifier. I suggested that she do the pacifier first with the thinking being that if she is that attached to the pacifier it will take the longest to get over and be the hardest thing to do, then when it comes time to get mom out of the bed or leave her at school they won’t be as hard to do and shouldn’t take that long. It’s just amazing how she deals with things since she seems to be so book smart and know about the world but can’t seem to manage her own child. It makes me wonder if I went back to school would I lose the ability to cope and deal with what Savie does on a daily basis? Would I look like a frazzled woman when I go to the store with her?

How many times?

I mean really how many times can it possibly be said? How many different ways can it be said? Yesterday one of my kids had cookies, which isn’t out of the norm for this one, and I took them away. Even though yes it was a 100 calorie pack of cookies it was still a high sugar lunch. Now that was at 10 in the morning so there was plenty of time for the sugar she had already had to wear off before Grandma got here. But the time she got picked up she was on the down side of her sugar day. She was weepy and whiney and started crying when she told Grandma about what I did with the food. I told Grandma that it was just a lot of sugar and that I wasn’t mad/upset with her at all. And then today one of the first things she pulled out a Jell-O type thing from Kozy. The second ingredient on it is sugar!!!!! How does she not get it? How many different ways can you possibly tell someone that sugar is not something that their kids need a lot of?

I’M BACK!!!!!!!

Sorry everyone, I don’t know what is going on with my computer but I have finally fixed the problem (I hope). There will be a lot of post in the next day, since I have been writing post on another program but haven’t been able to do it here. Thanks for checking back in with me.