Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day and the topic is Climate Change. For me this is a think big act globe issue. LivingĀ  the desert I see the change everyday. Our monsoon was not what it should have been this year, and last for that matter. I have 4 angel trumpets, which are beautiful when they bloom, and they are in two places at my house. My friend gave them to me, which we rescued from her mother’s place. Last summer they bloomed every couple of days even though they were infested with spider mites. This year, I didn’t get a single one. Until now. The end of summer. It’s not that I didn’t water them or get rid of the spider mites. and grasshoppers. and severe heat. They are just now trying to bloom. This is really late for them to be starting. I am really worried abut them. Does the fact that they are just now blooming mean that they are going to be in for a hard winter? Are we actually going to get snow? What does this have to do with Climate Change you ask? A lot. FOr me anyways.

Savie wanted to walk to school and today was a perfect day. It was warm, sunny and even though I had a lot of stuff, we managed it. The last couple of days we have spent a lot of time outside. This is what I want. I like that we can enjoy the weather and our time but this is something that I also worry about. I dont want to have this on my daughters’ head or my great-great-great-great-grand daughters hit but it looks like it will be. We need to do something. anything. Even if it’s something as small and simple as carpooling, walking to work even for two days a week, can make a difference. All we have to do is do it.