He finally believed me!!!

Normally hubby doesn’t buy into the “hippy stuff” I make us do. You know, the simple things like turning off the light when you leave the room, not turning on the water until your ready to wash your hands off, stuff like that. Well the other night we were watching “Blue Gold: World Water Wars” on Netflix and he changed his mind.

He watches documentaries all the time and usually they don’t really interest me but this one held my attention for a little while. He was all over this movie. Watching it he decided that we can no longer buy anything made by Nestle because of what he say in this movie. I went online and looked to see what brands they owned and which of them I have bought in the past, it turns out that there were only 2 of their brands that I buy, Beneful and Haggan Dazs. Watch the movie and think about where your water comes from.